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Gain ground increasingly as what the computer applies, people also rises gradually to the requirement of computational speed and function. In an interconnected system of whole computer science department, the effect of CPU and memory is admittedly main, but the expression that data stores the speed of the stand or fall of equipment performance and speed also affects whole system directly. The RAID technology that article place should explain basically applies at market of server high end at first, but the maturity as individual user market and development, ceaseless to low end the market draws close, offerred a kind to be able to promote hard disk rate already for the user thereby, can ensure again the good solution of data security. The article will have relatively detailed introduction to RAID technology, the hope can be helped somewhat to wide readership.

Introductory foundation

RAID is the abbreviate of English Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disks, chinese abbreviation is disk array. Actually, from inside the English original intention of RAID, more or less can have we known a kind to RAID is by many cheap the redundant array that disk makes. Although RAID includes many disk, but be the large storage equipment that becomes independent as appears below the operating system. RAID technology assigns the grade that differs for a few kinds, can offer different rate respectively, security and sexual price are compared.

When developing RAID, people basically is to be based on the following tentative idea, namely the price total of hard disk of a few small sizes wants the hard disk under a high capacity. Although at present this one tentative idea has not become reality, RAID is returned in the action of economic cost respect is not apparent, but the dominant position that RAID can develop many hard disk adequately, implementation is head and shoulders above the speed of an any alone hard disk and handling capacity. Go up besides function rise besides, RAID still can provide good fault tolerance capability, in an any hard disk the circumstance of occurrence problem falls to be able to continue work, won't be damaged the influence of hard disk.


We had mentioned RAID to assign the grade that differs for a few kinds in preamble, among them, RAID 0 is a kind of the simplest form. RAID 0 can join many hard disk together form the storage facility with a larger size. The simplest RAID 0 technology just provides more disk spaces, nevertheless we also can pass a setting, use RAID 0 will increase the function of disk and handling capacity. RAID 0 does not have capability of redundant or wrong repair, but implementation cost is lowest.

The implementation way with the simplest RAID 0 establishs ties a few hard disk together namely found a large part. The join between disk can use the form of hardware to pass implementation of intelligent disk controller already, the disk driver in also can using an operating system comes true with the means of software. Graphic representation is as follows:
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