The Photoshop that move falls in Linux desktop environment
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Let more users use Linux operating system, codeWeavers company developed CrossOver Office software, it allows an user to run the applied program of Windows platform below the circumstance that does not have window operating system. The applied program that runs Windows platform with CrossOver Office does not need Windows license, also need not Windows simulator, crossOver used WINE interface (a kind of free Windows API) that moves below Linux can reduce expenses expenses not only, still can accelerate the traversal speed that uses a program. At present the newest version of CrossOver Office is 2.1.0. Dollar of $59.95 of retail version price. It is current that the Photoshop of Adobe company can say best, use the most extensive image to handle software, introduce how to let it move below Linux desktop environment below.

CrossOver Office latest edition is originally 2.1.0, crossOver Office2.1.0 is software of a business, can use 30 days in order to download nevertheless in a limited time version (the function is to mix the) with official identical version, undertake registered in homepage above all (need leaves the email) with effective the next, next the email that you can receive to include download address and attestation password and serial number. Those who need an attention is these information can become invalid after 72 hours, you need to download software as soon as possible. Software size is 10.9 million.

Systematic requirement: Criticize sb's faults frankly?Kenerl) is in at least 2.2 above, KDE 2.0 or GNOME 1.4 above, XFree86 3.36 above, central processor is gallop II 350 above, 64 million, 4 million show memory space of hard disk of above of memory, 200 million. The Linux that the author uses publishs edition is: Mandrake 9.1 Linux, kernel 2.4.21, KDE 3.1.

One, install CrossOver Office 2.1.0

1, log onto Linux terminal with super user:

# . /

Verifying Archive Integrity. . .OK

Uncompressing CrossOver Office. . . . . . . . Install

2, the system can show " CrossOver Office License Grant " , after reading permissive agreement, click with the mouse " OK " pushbutton, continue to install.

3, the system asks to input " CrossOver Office " installation method, in " Install Path " in add: / Opt/cxoffice, in " Install Opition " of option " CrossOver Office For Linux " before hit X can.

4, the system after installation ends will be automatic add CrossOver Office 2.1.0 in beginning a program to choose sheet.

2, join of network of configuration CrossOver Office 2.1.0

Because install the need when certain Windows program,join CrossOver Office 2.1.0 moves to need to install a network to join for the first time so on Internet.

3, install Photoshop 7.0

Open CrossOver Office 2.1.0 " Office Setup " advocate interface, click lower part with the mouse " Install " pushbutton, all Windows that can play a CrossOver Office 2.1.0 to support use program list, choice " Adobe Photoshop " by " Next " pushbutton continues. The installs program place disk place that chooses Photoshop then, if be asked in CDROM first to load CD driver, installation will begin automatically, the process is mixed is same below window platform.
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