Linux operating system exceeds fierce weapon 7 times medium
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Linux is kind of UNIX operating system that be used freely and transmits freely, on the computer that basically is used at be based on CPU of Intel X86 series. Linux system is by whole world each district by tens of thousands programmer is designed and come true, its purpose is to build what the copyright place that does not get any commercial software restricts, the UNIX compatible product that the whole world can use freely. The friend that perhaps some prepare and using Linux does not understand why use Linux very. The article tries to give out with respect to this one problem the answer, make people true understand Linux to bring 7 our weapons. Linux is comparative at commercial software, have the difference on a state to learner, this difference summarizes with a word even if: White of celestial bodies of Chinese alligator of Sun of U of Xing Qu of  of dizzy awkwardness of  of ǎ of crab of  of ㄎ of dizzy a kind of sedge fastens inux7 of 荓 of fade of book of Mou Ju Bao to plant the elite place of the weapon.

One, fist -- process designing ability

Linux arises at a flock of true hackers. Although people is used to thinking Linus is the founder of Linux, in the of thousands of file that includes in Linux, also a file that the name is Credits recorded main Linux Hacker people full name and email address (100 many names were included in this list, of world each district have) , but say thoroughly to after all what how many person participated in Linux is improve without the person. This one game did not stop as the elapse of time to today, contrary however because of Linux increasingly popular and lover is very numerous. Because this begins,use Linux to be just as the process designing organization that joined an ace to be like the cloud. The newest progress; of this domain that you can understand the certain corner that comes from the earth at any time through Internet if your English is enough good, join a discussion group, of the divine close past master that you can get do not knowing where to come from teach. As a result of the existence of GPL, you still can get open source code, need not be anxious thereby the origin that studies a data.

As more and professional corporation intervene, the develops a tool function that Linux can provide is even more powerful also. If TurboLinux has powerful applied process to develop an environment, provided the tool of all sorts of development application processes, be like,have a variety of pair of languages: C, of C, Java, Perl, Tcl/tk, Python and Fortran 77 compile implement / interpreter, and compositive development environment, debug and other development tool. Be like the Phoenix Object Basic of the VB of edition of the Linux that be called of development of Janus Software company again, it is a distinctive object-oriented Linux RAD(Rapid Application Development, fast application software develops tool) . It is integrated the powerful function of the object-oriented programming language such as Python and Perl, in the meantime, those who offerred similar Visual Basic is easy with the gender. The person that familiar Windows environment issues the process designing of Visual Basic uses Phoenix Object Basic smoothly. The VisualLynux of LynuxWorks company can be rivalled with the Visual C photograph of Microsoft, it is compositive Microsoft Visual C develops a tool in order to support the product of Linux operating system, it not only the BlueCat Linux of compatible LynuxWorks company, and compatible still and other Linux 2.2.12 version. LynuxWorks company claims even from now on Visual C had development embedded the ability of Linux application process. Embedded Linux system is quite popular now, had applied in sundry communication foundation product widely. The use person that I think to the likelihood has some of Visual C sees here had eaten a heart, want to try.
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