Installation of SATA hard disk is used read catechism surely
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SATA hard disk has do not run paralell at PATA(interface) hard disk, the meeting in install and be being used has a lot of to differ, this lets a lot of...

As serial interface of each manufacturer SATA() the abidance of hard disk price goes low, support SATA advocate board gain ground gradually, hard disk of more and more SATA of person selected choose come the computer platform that compose builds him. But because SATA hard disk has,do not run paralell at PATA(interface) hard disk, the meeting in install and be being used has a lot of to differ, this lets a lot of users encounter a lot of troubles after buy. Article general with interlocution form, give a specification to a few common problems:

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Ask: The data line that hears of SATA hard disk and interface of power supply cord are different from PATA hard disk, whether to need when buying SATA hard disk additional buy?

Answer: Support SATA hard disk commonly advocate board the metropolis is accessary special line of 7 core data and power supply cord, and present new-style power source also supplied SATA equipment basically have power supply interface only. Additional, some SATA hard disk is additional still and tie-in interface of the D that hard disk of a former PATA uses power source, OK and compatible use old some power source. Normally so we do not need additional buy. If need really, SATA data line about 10 yuan, power source interface turns wiring also fluctuates in 10 yuan, computer market has a sale, quality is passable.

Ask: When SATA hard disk installs a system, drive of the to load outside whether wanting the specified number can just find hard disk?

Answer: Not be completely, want to divide a case and be decided.

When installing DOS/Win98/WinMe system, SATA hard disk does not need to load any drive, can use like PATA hard disk.

When installing Win2000/XP/2003 system, general by advocate board Naqiao chip (the ICH5/R that is like Intel, the VT8237 of VIA) offerred SATA controller is in not inside buy or in the screen in BIOS setting when RAID function, also do not need to load drive to be able to find hard disk; When open RAID, need to load drive. And the SATA controller that uses tripartite chip, criterion must to load drive.

The detailed measure of drive of to load SATA can be referred to " meet WindowsXP when Serial ATA hard disk " one article.

Ask: Below the circumstance that must install SATA drive, how to deploy soft drive to do?

Answer: Show level, when Win2000/XP system installs drive of equipment of peripheral of forehead of CD to load, read-only take soft drive.

Although, we ourselves can make a piece of collect become place to need SATA to control the system of drive to install CD, will discharge must the trouble from soft drive to load. But, its design method and setting very complex, the kind that needs drive of pair of Windows system to load and SATA drive file have certain knowledge, and there is wrong metropolis to bring about drive to load not to succeed a bit in the setting. Still recommend a flower so 50 yuan buy a soft drive so as to save to bother.
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