Dish bird looks surely: Know the real features of hard disk
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"Is your hard disk how old? " answer: "10GB. "10GB..

If was once upon a time, this is already enough used, just can install a system, deposit a bit file and data again.

Can be look look now, computer is to use study, job or recreation no matter, the space that hard disk needs is larger and larger, ground of see everywhere of Li Yelin Lang is placing computer city the high capacity hard disk of 80GB, 120GB.

How can small hard disk store so much data? Is it how work? Do we take everybody to know the crackajack delegate in this hardware old warehouse? Hard disk.

One, hard disk real features

1. The exterior

When heavy of a hard disk the ground is taken when the hand is medium, you should know its heft. The front of hard disk basically is black-and-white brand is mixed a few jump the line installs a specification.

Little hint: Of every hard disk specific jump line specification indicates the front in hard disk, it basically is to install hard disk to regard as advocate dish or from dish explain, when hard disk leaves factory, acquiescent setting is to decide dish.

The reverse side of hard disk has a PCB to control circuit board, there are a lot of chips and element above it, everybody should remember only among them 3 more important chip are OK.
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A. Of hard disk advocate dominate chip, it is the biggest chip in circuit board, the job of responsible government hard disk, interface transmits the supply with power source.

B. Cache chip, it is located in advocate control chip upper part, actually it is grain of a memory, the action of hard disk cache depends on increasing the stability of hard disk, reading performance improves when keeping a file.

C. Drive chip, action is the drive that urges motor coil and main shaft motor.

2. interface

Hard disk and advocate board the interface that joins the part is it, have ATA, SATA, SCSI commonly. The hard disk of ATA and SATA interface basically applies on personal computer, more ground uses the hard disk of SCSI interface on the server. The function index of interface basically is transmission rate, namely what hard disk supports is exterior transmission rate.

ATA interface transmission rate divides the mode of exterior transmission rate that is the ATA interface hard disk with current and common 133MB/s of 100MB/s   to have UltraATA/100, UltraDMA/133 commonly two kinds. The supports UltraDMA/100/133 transmission rate pattern of most hard disk. The transmission that SATA hard disk is 150MB/s is led now.

The occurrence of SATA hard disk, alleviated the bottleneck problem of disk system. Above all SATA is with serial means is deferent data, this can make join cable number becomes little, efficiency rises. Next, SATA has the higher starting point, latent capacity that can expand big, transmission rate can amount to the data that Serial ATA 1.0 defines 150MB/s, the highest data of the 133MB/s that this can achieve than ATA 133 is transmitted rate is high still, and the data of Serial ATA 2.0 transmits rate general to achieve 300MB/s.
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