The hard disk that installs Linux is divisional
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To install L I N U X, you must prepare hard disk space for it. The other operating system that space of this hard disk must install on the computer with you (be like Wi N D O W S, o S / 2 or move are other the L I N U X of version) uses hard disk space is apart. The hard disk that this works even if we should undertake immediately is divisional.

1.The ABC of partition of Linux hard disk

A hard disk can break up different partition. Visit every partition to resemble visitting different hard disk. How do every partition can have a type to use the information in making clear this partition even store. For example, d O S, O S / 2 and L I N U X use type of different hard disk partition. You can treat partition of your L I N U X so:

Can 1) be in installation of L I N U X one or more type? The hard disk of Quot;Linux Native " is divisional, call " of primitive partition of "L I N U X normally. Still need a type to be the partition of "Linux Swap " at the same time, also be called "L I N U X to exchange divisional " .

2) Linux is to divisional the least demand: A "Linux Native " adds partition of a "Linux Swap " . Want special
What do not notice is, scarcely of L I N U X can be with installation inside the partition of D O S / Wi N D O W S!

3) although you are in installation of L I N U X a special hard disk, on the computer that perhaps does not install other operating system, you still need to found partition for L I N U X. Relative to character, this kind of case is very simple, because need not be the other partition of hard disk,worry about.

To website builder, we are recommended use this kind of method, you need not want D O S / Wi N D O W S even, because be released external in your website (visit for the outside) when, you can use system of L I N U X only, and, general website always is in " to issue the position of " , you will run your D O S / Wi N D O W S without the opportunity almost.

4) to average user, another kind of more general situation is: L I N U X installation is on the hard disk that has contained other operating system. This kind of circumstance has a bit complex, because a mistake can destroy your existing partition, the data that it contains prep let alone!

L I N U X marks through the combination of letter and number hard disk is divisional, if you are used to using similar "C dish / D dish " will mark if hard disk is divisional, may confuse. Of L I N U X name a design more agile than other operating system, can convey more message.

Induce as follows:

Before two letters of 1) divisional name show partition is in the type of equipment. You will see H D normally (point to hard disk of I D E) , or S D (point to hard disk of S C S I) .

The 3rd letter makes clear 2) the equipment mark of divisional place. For example: / D E V / H A D (hard disk of the first I D E) or / D E V / S D B (hard disk of the 2nd S C S I) .

The figure with final 3) represents partition. Before 4 partition (advocate partition or patulous partition) with the number 1 to 4 express. Logic is divisional
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