FDISK divisional tool is step by step win
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The FDisk that start

Starting dish of root catalog (like A: \ ) next keying in FDisk, after by carriage return key affirms, is the system can enquire to use FAT16 or FAT32 partition form? Because FAT32 has the advantage such as better disk space utilization rate, and the Windows operating system after version of Windows 95 OS2 supports FAT32, because this suggests,everybody uses FAT32 partition form.

Press " Y " after key enters FDisk, of Fdisk advocate interface

Microsoft Window 98fixed Disk Setup Program(c)

Copyright Microsoft Corp. 1983-1998fdisk Options

Copyright information

Current Fixed Disk Drive: 1

Detect a hard disk: 1

Choose One Of The Following:

Choose in the content below firstly

1.create Dos Partition Or Logical Dos Drive

1. is built advocate divisional or logic is divisional

2.set Active Partition

2. installs mobile partition

3.delete Partition Or Logical Dos Drive

3. is deleted advocate partition or logistic driver (area)

4.display Partition InFORMation

4. shows divisional information

Enter Choice

Current options

Examine divisional information

Of the choice " 4.Display Partition InFORMation " , examine existing divisional state, if give now to express content, come " delete partition " . If do not have divisional information to show, jump to " found partition " .

Show existing divisional state

Display Partition InFORMation

Current Fixed Disk Drive: 1




Volume Label







Pri Dos

Ext Dos






Total Disk Space Is 19618 Mbytes(1mbyte=1048576 Bytes)

The Extended Dos Partition Contains Logial Dos Drive.

Do You Want To Display The Logial Dos Drive InFORMation (Y/n) ... [Y]

Logistic driver is included in patulous partition.

Should you examine the information of logistic driver? (be / not) ... [be]

Delete partition

The choice is expressed 1 medium " 3, Delete Partition Or Logial Dos Drive " , appear delete partition advocate interface

Choose One Of The Following:

Choose in the content below firstly

1.delete Primary Dos Partition

1. is deleted advocate divisional

2.delete Extended Dos Partition

2. chooses patulous partition

3.delete Logical Dos Drive In The Extended Dos Partition

3. deletes logistic driver (area)

4.delete Non-dos Partition

4. installs mobile partition

Enter Choice

Current options

Proposal with " logistic driver → of → patulous partition advocate divisional " order general each are divisional (driver) delete, the content on the hard disk after deleting will be all and missing.

Found partition

The choice is expressed 1 medium " 1.Create Dos Partition Or Logical Dos Drive " can appear found partition advocate interface

Current Fixed Disk Drive: 1
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