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The MDF file of SQL Server cannot add
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Shenyang some company, the SQL database that routine uses, memory on FAT32 file system. The administrator is operated by accident, the partition that deposits database MDF by accident the format is changed, because the database is very important, look for much home data to restore a company to undertake resumptive to operate, the MDF document that sought as a result cannot add.

Because SQL database is in daily in often type data, make so the database is existing on hard disk a lot of fragments, before the analysis a few restore resumptive MDF file, discovery, only before hundreds of pages are normal ground, the others data is full abnormal, place fails with causing MDF file to add.

Undertake detailed scanning to overall afresh, cooperate structure of SQL database itself, recombine MDF file. Via test and verify, MDF can add normally, without any wrong clew, data is complete, restore to succeed.

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