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Platform of Chinese UniCom information - HP-UX data restores to succeed
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Chinese UniCom believes breath platform, hainan branch, HP-UX small-sized machine, important ORACLE database by the engineer by accident RM was dropped, table of missing and all data, UNDO, LOG. Roll file system is VxFS, roll size is made an appointment with50G, data gross is23GOr so. Disaster is unusually major.

The user is very careful, not hesitate completely cost, but most company cannot offer a solution. The data that most data restores a company and issues without HP-UX even restores case and experience. The client visited quality of a few so-called states and the data with renown very noisy head to restore a company, these a few companies all must admit in the interview finally aimless reach a solution, can try only, a few flat and direct declare are not done.

After the user comes to my company, the phenomenon after complete description, we offer at least two kinds of solutions. So before similar case is very much, and the user nots hesitate cost, not necessary conceal breakdown condition, the conclusion that so we give out is: Most second circumstance, data also will fall in the premise of floriferous time and energy 100% restore to succeed.

The user is very excited, decide by me the company finishs this data to resume the work immediately, instruct the employee that shares this matter entirely to cooperate with all one's strength.


Very typical, UNIX is deleted by accident. This data in the exemple should do not have coverture to build.


1, plan one: Through be being analysed to file system regularity, undertake rebuilding to the node of specific file. Reproduce original document attribute (name, position, size)

2, plan 2: Use the character of structure of ORACLE database itself, overall undertakes regularity analysis and summary, restore table of all ORACLE data, LOG and UNDO file, because ORACLE database expresses a meeting description to express the name in ORACLE environment and size, friend name problem also can be solved.
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