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The thing that you need 須 knows
3.01 - why 謂 Shell?
Is 麼 of 3.02 - assorted 層 of the person that use second? (Root, user, super-user)
How is I ascend 為 Root at present or I know 3.03 - User?
Is 麼 of 3.04 - assorted to access 許 but?
麼 of 3.05 - assorted is group of 組
3.06 - FreeBSD whether letter of 寫 of 會 resolution size?
3.07 - I how does 輸 enter command 與 its 參 數 ?
3.08 - What's A Directory Tree?
3.09 - 這 some be 嗎 of 隱Tibet 檔? (.file)
Can I be in 3.10 - to find the 資 material that each 個 dictates then?
3.11 - 這 some meaning of 麼 of assorted of delegate of accord with 號 ? (* ? ~ . . . ..
4.01 - am I OK and direct 嗎 of 腦 of 關 閉 電 ?
Is 4.02 - Recyle Bin in that?
4.03 - 為 why is law of my close 碼 無 used?
4.04 - can I operate 嗎 in User?
The first pace
Why can I ascend 5.01 - ?
5.02 - I how 離 線 ? (Exit)
How do I stop 5.03 - 電 腦? (Shutdown -h Now)
5.04 - I how 腦 of 電 of new 啟 動 ? (Shutdown -r Now)
Below mode of the person that how am I used in 單 does 5.05 - stop to fasten 統? (Shutdown Now)
How do I cut 5.06 - does 換 終 carry 機? (ALT-F* )
6.01 - I how 閱 讀 Manual Page? (Man)
The person that use manages (1)
How does 7.01 - my 該 increase the person that is one 個 used? (Adduser)
7.02 - how do I move except the person that use? (Rmuser)
How do I change 7.03 - 變 my close 碼? (Passwd)
"Su" instruction
8.01 - I how does "su" come Root 帳 號 ? (Su)
8.02 - I how the 帳 號 of the person that is "su" used to other? (Su Username)
Examine of 4 處 觀
Am I in 9.01 - that? (Pwd)
How do I have 9.02 - below 錄 of 觀 examine eye assorted 麼? ? (Ls)
How do I see 9.03 - with 點 開 only then does 隱hide 檔? (Ls -a)
How do I see 9.04 - more 訊 cease (access 許 but, the person that 擁 has, group 組, size, date) ? (Ls -l)
How do I see 9.05 - are those 檔 assorted 麼? (Ls -F)
9.06 - 這 some it is assorted 麼 檔: ". . .. 與 " . "? (Ls -aF)
4 處 move 動
How does 10.01 - my 該 change 錄 of 變 work a list of things? (Cd)
How does 10.02 - return 錄 of eye of on one 層 ? (Cd. . ..
How do I return 10.03 - 錄 of oneself working a list of things? (Cd, cd ~/ )
螢 act is controlled
11.01 - I how 捲 is answered (in 終 end 機, blame X) ? (The Scroll Lock Key)
How does 11.02 - my 該 keep clear of 螢 act? (Clear)
How don't I use 12.01 - 輯 of article 書 編 implement OK does 觀 view small 檔 proposal? (More)
The 輯 of article 書 編 with the most general 12.02 - implement be? (Vi)
12.03 - "vi" sees a 來 have 點 難, am I OK 從 "ee" 開 only then 嗎 ?
"Easy" 編 輯 implement
Can 13.01 - upright 紹 "ee" 嗎 ?
Is 13.02 - OK beautiful the 畫 face 嗎 of "ee" ?
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