Outlook mail and regular backup and restore
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When using Windows XP reductive system or using Ghost to restore a system, below acquiescent circumstance, the meeting is missing from restore to nod all settings that have to Outlook Express inside this period of time now, include the mail account, received email that has saved and the post that had set to receive regulation, prevent send a person list to wait. Not big to may changing for mail account, but mix to mail regulation prevent send a person list for, inside this paragraph of time, we installed the likelihood again a lot of, received a lot of valuable mail possibly also again at the same time, and right now the system must restore again or reductive, so the relevant job inside this paragraph of time will not answer exist, this will be a very thorny issue. Want to solve this problem, we can use the following method.
One, change the memory position that already received mail
Store the email that has received below Outlook Express acquiescent circumstance in C dish C:DBelow folder of Ocuments And Settingshebei1Local SettingsApplication Data Identities {01960880-ABB4-4AFD-A274-42E094C687E6}MicrosoftOutlook Express (the Hebei1 in different folder and {01960880-ABB4-4AFD-A274-42E094C687E6} meet the computer differ somewhat) , after consequently the system restores, new reception data will be enclothed.
If we are in reception data storage other dish on accord with, so systematic refreshment will not be enclothed new reception data, new reception mail will still exist.

The method is: Open Outlook Express, click " tool " menu, click " option " , in " option " click in the window " safeguard " label, playing the window that give, click " memory folder " pushbutton, play piece " memory position " the window.

Click " change (C) " pushbutton, choose the folder of memory or input memory folder inside text casing directly. Attention, memory position should be chosen in the system dish accord with (it is C normally dish) besides other dish on accord with, for instance, g: Outlook Express. Attention, the advancement that this setting had better back up in the system goes, after such systems restore, do not need to have any new settings.

2, back up and restore of mail account

The data of mail account deposits the position to do not have optional position in version of Outlook Express 6.0, its acquiesce stores at C dish on, consequently, must back up alone come out. The method is: Open Outlook Express, click " tool " menu, click " account " option, play piece " Internet account " the window, what acquiesce shows is " mail " label.

Click " derive " pushbutton, shoot a memory file dialog box, file name uses original acquiescent name, choice memory position (for instance: G:oUtlookexpress) save. Derive according to same way other and all account finishs the backup of mail account namely.

After the system restores, in needing to restore the mail account that has backed up Outlook Express, the resumes method and backup operation of mail account is similar:
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