Fundamental limits of authority installs Windows2000 fictitious main engine
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About the article that script inbreaks, the situation that run rampant has been on the net. Achieve formerly although much, but those who borrowed is not little also. A lot of people inquire all domain names of a certain IP with Http://, look for a script flaw to enter a server next with hacker pose as. The flaw that did not announce, I do not know, do not use blow please so me. Good, I did not say gibberish more, say I think the attributive of safer Win2000 fictitious lead plane sets a means here, it is to say next attributive are installed merely.

One. The software that fictitious lead plane needs reachs an environment

1.Serv-U5.0.11 (it seems that insecure, but also may not)
2.Mysql database
3.Mssql database
4.PcAnyWhere is controlled remotely
5. kills poisonous software, I use Rodden commonly 8

Above all sorts of software, think except Mssql database, other should go official website download recommends version installation. Begin below even if install a setting, from the system installation is over begin. The Windows2000 that hypothesis system installs is advanced server edition, systematic cent is C dish, d dish with E dish, it is Ntfs format entirely.

2. Systematic port is installed

Fictitious lead plane, use PcanyWhere and terminal service to undertake controlling at the same time commonly, terminal service should change port, revise 8735 port for instance. The basis wants open service, go installing TCP/IP to choose. Why to use strategy of this locality safety? The individual thinks TCP/IP is chosen stricter, because unless allow clearly to refuse otherwise,here is, and unless reject clearly to allow otherwise,strategy of this locality safety is. If my understanding is undeserved, still give advice or comments please. TCP/IP chooses a setting to be as follows:
TCP port allows only 21, 80, 5631, 8735, 10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005; IP agreement allows only 6; I had not done UDP port to check in detail, dare not speak carelessly, checked to fill again later on. The 10001-10005 inside TCP/IP port is the port that the PASV pattern that sets Serv-U uses, also can use of course other.
Inside attribute of this locality join, uninstall all other agreements, leave Internet agreement only (TCP/IP) , change Administrator account incidentally a bit more complex name, and inside strategy of this locality safety the setting does not show land an account last, make appropriate setting surely to account lock. Start the computer afresh next, this stage setting has been finished.

3. Systematic attributive is installed

Begin to install software now, all software are installed in D dish, e dish be valid is used according to backup. Install Serv-U to arrive first D:SErv-U, and Han Huashun defeats solution, hey. Next ordinal installation arrives D dish. Begin to set limits of authority now. Above all demur does not say, c dish, d dish with E dish delete Everyone inside safety, add incognito the Administrator after and System, make them complete control. Advanced inside replacement is all child the attributive of the object allows transmission to be able to accede attributive. Such systems all files, catalog is entirely by incognito the Administrator after and System were controlled, and accede automatically the attributive of ranking catalog, begin to set corresponding limits of authority for every catalog below.
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