Solaris does Raid1 brief summary
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As a result of the demand of systematic security, do a RAID1 that makes below Solarsi8 to SUN Enterprise 220R Server(2*18.2GB Dsik) . A lot of articles had searched to do guidance on the net, but some discrepancy and wrong place, a some the reason why that also do not say certainly come, just do connected, write down consult for everybody.

Cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, reprint mention expressly please provenance and author, thank!

One, Disk distributinging circumstance:



Note: 0, 1 do a mirror, namely Raid1;

System dish (C0t0d0) partition and mirror dish (C0t1d0) circumstance:

C0t0d0s0(d10) D0 C0t1d0s0(d20) / 9534M

C0t0d0s1(d11) D1 C0t1d0s1(d21) Swap 2049M

C0t0d0s2 C0t1d0s2 Overlap is whole dish

C0t0d0s3(d13) D3 C0t1d0s3(d23) /usr 3584M

C0t0d0s6(d16) D6 C0t1d0s6(d26) /metadb 50M

C0t1d0s7(d27) /export/home 2048M of   of   of C0t0d0s7(d17) D7

2, installation DiskSuite covers:

After systematic setup is finished, use Solarsi8 Software 2 Of 2 installs DiskSuite_4.2.1 software, install method: / Cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_8/EA/installer&It is OK to choose acquiescent installation.

3, mirror () undertakes below Root user:

1, adjust the 2nd hard disk (the watch adjusts the file partition of C0t1d0) to be and bring godet to agree

#prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s2 | – of S of Fmthard – / Dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2

Fmthard:NEw Volume Table Of Contents Now In Place

2, the Metadb space that preparative DiskSuite uses

The good of little space of #umount /metadb **50MB, be similar to commutative space

R /metadb of #rm –

#vi /etc/vfstab

Will below this annotate is dropped or delete, following:

– of #/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s6 /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s6 /metadb Ufs 1 Yes

3, the Mirror that make

Mr ① becomes Replicas, use for DiskSuite interior

Have before C 2 C0t0d0s6 C0t1d0s6 // of – of F of – of A of #metadb – by accident


② Creating A Mirror From /

#metainit -f D10 1 1 C0t0d0s0

#metainit -f D20 1 1 C0t1d0s0

#metainit D0 -m D10

#metaroot D0

③ Creating A Mirror From Swap

#metainit -f D11 1 1 C0t0d0s1

#metainit -f D21 1 1 C0t1d0s1

#metainit D1 -m D11

④ Creating A Mirror From /var

#metainit -f D13 1 1 C0t0d0s3

#metainit -f D23 1 1 C0t1d0s3

#metainit D3 -m D13

⑤ Creating A Mirror From /export/home

#metainit -f D17 1 1 C0t0d0s7

#metainit -f D27 1 1 C0t1d0s7

#metainit D7 -m D17

⑥ edits / Etc/vfstab file
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