Email server is built below SCO UNIX system
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Unix is current the mainstream operating system with the most general, the most far-reaching influence is used on the world, SCO UNIX all the time with its root at INTEL platform, adjacent at popular characteristic name falls all over the sky. SCO company is integrated the OPENSERVER previously and UNIXWARE rolled out OPENSERVER 5.0.5 version recently, accordingly it is current on the market most popularity and newest UNIX system. SCO OPENSERVER 5.05 offerred way of two kinds of email by implement: SENDMAIL and MMDF, SENDMAIL is to use means of more extensive a kind of email at present by implement, have can use Internet email means by establishment, offer alias and transmit, automatic gateway to seek a way by the characteristic with mechanism and agile configuration. The mailing address that bears INTERNET style expresses kind, namely name of user of USER · DOMAIN() of @ domain name. In system of SCO OPENSERVER 5.0.5, still offerred way of another kind of mail by implement MMDF, it and SENDMIAL photograph are more more powerful than be on the function, more complex also, but his configuration is more simpler than SENDMAIL. The author is the service of mail of SCO OPENSERVER 5.0.5 that how exemple specification establishs him with MMDF below.

One, network installation and configuration

The installation of SCO OPENSERVER5.0.5 system was not told about here, it is an user only in wanting to need to notice to install a process, want to choose MMDF service when choosing mail type of service. Because server of this SCO OPENSERVER still can be used,do database server, because this is here with high-powered, more commonly used D-LINK net card is a specification its the installation in SCO OPENGSERVER 5.0.5 and configuration.

1. Use " Custom " program installation net blocks driver

(1) is registered with Root user enter a system to maintain pattern

(2) uses an order " Mkdir /usr/test " build a list, with the command " Doscp A:/scoopen/d5B.IMG /usr/test/VOL.000.000 " the driver that brings this product randomly dish medium D5B.IMG file copies systematic hard disk medium / below Usr/test, at the same time its incognito for VOL.000.000.

(3) keys in a command " Custom " program of the installation that start, choice " Software " below menu " Install New " bolt by carriage return, choice from " Scoopen " undertake installing, next medium of individual choice installation is " Media Images " , Image file directory is " / Usr/test " , complete installation, final system copies file of a few driver the installation that completes D-LINK driver in hard disk.

2. Use " Netconfig " undertake the network is configured

(1) is exited " Custom " program, the command is keyed in below accord with of Root system clew " Netconfig " program of the configuration that start, choose in the screen menu that appears subsequently " Hardware " below " Add New LAN Adapter " , if the user had installed a network in the machine,get stuck (D-LINK) , can show in the lower part of screen so come this net gets stuck, the user should bolt with TAB switch shows casing to this only, the net card of shift of reoccupy fluctuation cursor key to him user (D-LINK DFE-530TX PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter) bolts by carriage return, enter this net card to undertake configuration.
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