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Plan one
1. hits a patch
Of Microsoft make phoenix namely 3 days one small fill, 5 days fill greatly, flaw is too much, it is a bit better to fill, use " begin - Windows Update" holds all patches next
2. Delete acquiesce to share
2.1 delete IPC$ to share
The default installation of Win2k is obtained very easily by aggressor account list, although installed newest Service Ack,also be such. There is a default to share IPC$ in Win2k, and still have such as Admin$Content$nbsp;C$Content$nbsp;D$ wait a moment, and IPC$ allows faceless user (namely without entry user) visit, it is OK to use this default to share obtain user list. How be on guard this east, security of tool this locality supervises very simply in " " of additional to faceless connective limitation can revise the " in " of options of security of strategy of this locality of politic and safe setting not to allow enumerate SAM for " account and share " . Can prevent much this kind of join, but had not been over, the account that if use NetHacker,should use a presence only can acquire all account names smoothly again. So, we still need another kind of method to become backup force,
(1) : Found Startup.cmd of a file, content is "net Share Ipc$Content$nbsp;delete"(of the following a command does not include quote)
(2) : A task increases to carry out the Startup.cmd of above in the plan task of Windows, when for " the computer is started, timeline carries out " . Perhaps put this document to " to begin - program - he lets be started in the " that start delete Ipc$ to share
(3) : Start a server afresh.
2.2 delete Admin$ to share
Revise register a watch:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServiceslanmanserverparameters increases AutoShareWks child key (REG_DWORD) , key value is 0
2.3 cleared and acquiescent disk are shared (C$ , d$ )
Revise register a watch: ? : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServiceslanmanserverparameters increases AutoShareServer child key (REG_DWORD) , key value is 0
3. Revise acquiescent user name
"Safety of strategy of safety of administrative tool this locality sets this locality strategy the " in safe options " names guest account " to change "guest" namely again a name just, change Abc other perhaps name, the machine lands a name to also be set below for "abc" or other names, name " " of systematic manager account to also change again again next, my at a loose end is once dull, the IP that swept me casually with the time of small banyan paragraph, the manager name that has server of Home N Internet bar with respect to discovery is acquiescent Administrator, and be simple password. If somebody wants to get a fleshy chance, it is very simple really.
Come down so far, the server is already OK of very safe stability move went down, did not forget to want 9 days to restart of course your server,
SQL server safety is installed
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