Darth team successfully jumped really hard expert data recovery
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National data recovery company to provide data recovery services, data recovery software used by almost all from abroad, that is, the core technology of data recovery is monopolized by foreign companies, such as R-TT, Ontrack , Runtime, X-ways, Finaldata other companies, data recovery software, these companies have their own characteristics, in China with greater visibility. Companies such as R-TT R-series data recovery software to professionals Industry known; Ontrack's data recovery software easy to operate with said visibility in the country's largest; Runtime's Data Recovery software RAID Data Recovery Disk analysis and robust performance analysis ; X-ways the company's products are for professional data recovery company and forensic technicians and design, operation is too complicated, but most of the requirements of the underlying technology, so loved by the professional users; and Finaldata public Our products are based on multi-function, easy operation by individual customers. May 2010, China's leading technology research and development institutions Darth data recovery after years of research science and technology being released in stages a series of independent intellectual property rights of data recovery software products, ending the monopoly of foreign data recovery software Situation. Darth technology, the first masterpiece of D-Recovery Standard Data Recovery Software Standard Edition for the PC users with a complete data recovery solution, on the wrong partition, wrong format, partition deletion, so often a key to restore See the misuse are the most effective data recovery. Darth technology for enterprise-level MS SQL Server database software repair damaged D-Recovery for MS SQL Server is the first truly enterprise series Data recovery software; August 2010, Darth advent of Apple's data recovery software for Apple computer users to solve many problems; Then, Darth science and technology continue to force, Darth RAID intelligent data recovery software for professional use User disk array provides the best data recovery solutions, even if it is never exposed data recovery technology, information director of IT, in Darth intelligent RAID data recovery software help, you can also quickly turn the server Data recovery success. Darth Science and Technology Data Recovery R & D team development effort and technology into productive forces D-Recovery Standard Darth data recovery software, Standard Edition (May 14, 2010 listed) May 14, 2010, R & D team's first masterpiece Darth Darth data recovery software, Standard Edition D-Recovery Standard released. This is a new PC user tailored high-tech products, users can light Pine address the accidentally deleted, formatted wrong, a key to restore, file system corruption, virus attack, partition loss, amalgamation, partition coverage and other issues. The history of the user evaluation of a best data recovery software . Darth data recovery software, Standard Edition D-Recovery Standard for the Ghost partition after the resumption of merger, Ghost backup partitions to change, delete partitions, re-partitioning of data due to a change in the loss of all district asked Effect is very obvious questions, not only WYSIWYG display of lost data, you can restore the original data, and even the partition and directory you can easily complete recovery, even if there is a slight covering, Darth data recovery software Standard Edition components can also partition the virtual loss of the previous structure, the missing data was successfully copied out. In the accidentally deleted, formatted error, file system damage, misuse loading system, Ghost partition on the partition cover issues such as data loss, data recovery software, Standard Edition Darth equally well, especially for the FAT file system , Darth technological innovation data recovery algorithm is applied, effectively improve the data recovery success rate.