Guard against data loss Jin Haishuo video data recovery is the truth
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With the "national emergency system," "Green City" building the smooth progress of major projects and business, the growing demand for civil and domestic intelligence surveillance market has been unprecedented development. The spread of broadband, calculator technology, improved image processing technology, video surveillance is increasingly widespread penetration into the education, government, entertainment, health, hotels, sports and other various fields. Video surveillance as a highly effective detection aids, electronic evidence important way, the traditionally widely used in the field of security, public safety departments to help fight crime, an important means of maintaining social stability. Increasing the application of video surveillance, video surveillance data loss the opposite situation is more and more video surveillance data recovery market is also growing demand. Video surveillance is usually 24 hours a day at work, for a long time is bound to give the work overload of data storage, including the loss caused by certain hazards. The video surveillance unit of storage time is determined based on the size of hard disk capacity, large capacity data can be saved if one or two months, small ones for several days. With the increasing number of cameras, storage, the greater the amount of data, video, the shorter the storage time period, hard disk storage space filled with new data after the preliminary data will be automatically covered. Therefore, the video surveillance data recovery has long been regarded as the difficulties in data recovery technologies. Even so, the video is still a successful example of data recovery cases. Chengdu, a regional channel in a few months ago and found a decomposed body of a woman has started, according to forensic inference time of death the deceased had more than a week, while nearby a few images of video surveillance has been full for too long because after a lapse of coverage, to the police reconnaissance brought great distress. As the day had more than a week away from the incident, the probability of success can be said that only one ten thousandth, many experts are baffled. Chengdu Jin Haishuo Si Nuowei new data center technologies to restore international VIP Huang Xu Chief Engineer immediately after receiving the case on four Seagate 160G hard disk technical analysis, as the data structure of video surveillance equipment, special, different from ordinary MPG , AVI format, you need to rely on experienced engineers to compare the analysis, the data recovery process to bring about a considerable difficulty. Patient and painstaking work by Huang judgment analysis, found that the four drives are fixed a cycle of 7 days, while remaining less than 20G of space, but still to the success of data recovery brings hope. After 13 hours of hard work, efficiency in the use of the reverse source selection function DATA COMPASS, the final day of the incident quickly retrieve all the data files, the police and provide important clues. Data recovery for such cases, Jinhai Shuo chief technical workers, engineers, Huang Xu premium data recovery, said: Although the data recovery technology has been developed to a very advanced stage, but want to get high success rate of data recovery effect, as a business unit Security personnel must understand the basic data protection knowledge. First, find the need to monitor when the video data is lost when turning off the power switch immediately to prevent the monitoring to continue action; Second, if you need to reconfirm whether data has been completely covered, you should remove the hard drive to install to other machines to read the data. If abnormal conditions of ordinary people, like the secondment surveillance video, you need to report as soon as possible, in short to prevent the re-write the data to protect the safety of the raw data.