Data recovery service providers Beijing usher in the golden opportunities
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Data Recovery future market trends to Beijing? Today data recovery is how the international trend? How in the highly competitive data recovery market in Beijing get the chance? June 30, Ariva Beijing West Hotel, efficiency Rate of the source data recovery training, World Tour 2010 (Beijing Railway Station) as scheduled. As the most anticipated summer data recovery training session, the Beijing data recovery training will be attracted from the Ministry of Public Security Forensic Center, State Information Center, Technical Research Institute of the State Secrecy Bureau of Justice to take more than ten professional Cards, classified information security industry colleagues, and Beijing Ning data recovery center data recovery Weifang Australian Symphony Center, Handan Jitong data recovery center, Changzhou Blue Network data recovery center data recovery industry leaders in North China Nearly a hundred people together to participate, not only for Beijing to provide in-depth data recovery peer communication platform, but also data recovery workers at the grassroots level to provide an opportunity to improve the professional quality, but also a high standard of data recovery techniques to wash Ceremony. Interpretation of the focus of international data recovery technology, and grasp the latest developments in the international data recovery industry trends, exchange cutting-edge data recovery technology, delivery of advanced data recovery company philosophy, to promote among the data recovery service provider, the number of Data recovery service providers and customers, and data recovery service data recovery technology with the high exchange of information between providers spectral data recovery will become the main theme of Beijing. Efficiency of the source data recovery technology research and development as an international authority in the field, has been committed to promoting international and domestic data recovery technology forward, to carry out data recovery training will be free tours, new technology conferences, publishing data recovery Complex technical books, forums and other forms of data recovery techniques data recovery spur technology development. Mr. Zhang said the Beijing data recovery push forward development of the industry practitioners in Beijing the common aspiration of data recovery, efficient sources by 2010, data recovery circuit training will build a platform for exchange of experience and technology , So that technical staff have been charging data recovery, data recovery service providers to promote technological progress, improve services, Improve the data security system to build multi-functional data security platform touted Data recovery training session in Beijing, site, Mr.Zhang also a variety of data on the efficiency of the source's safety and security equipment described in detail, including the fourth generation of data recovery tools Data Compass compass data, flash data Flash data recovery to restore the device master, FE data ark, and Data Copy King hard copy machines. Using different combinations of products, according to different industries, different customer needs, meet their needs to build more power To data security platform that attracted great interest in participating peers, but also pointed out the future when data recovery industry trends. According to Mr.Zhang introduction, the rapid development in information technology today, we ushered in the data security system of merging and jointly play a role in "all areas of age." Data recovery in the future competition in the market, data Recovery company data recovery industry, and even the survival and development, must rely on the integrity of the data security system provided by the mutual integration of new development opportunities and new competitive environment. Each data recovery industry Employees must see the big picture, to look to look further, so as to follow the market development, increase security to the comprehensive body of data transformation steps. From the Ministry of Public Security Technology Center of Forensic Engineers, said in an interview, "Beijing to attend the training will gain quite a lot of data recovery, complex and diverse forms of relevant departments of criminal justice Forensics Put forward higher requirements. And efficient source of evidence in the judicial field of data recovery technology, provide strong evidence for judicial help, the future will strengthen the efficiency of the judicial source of evidence of such an international leader in enterprise data recovery Industry cooperation. " Specially from Shandong Weifang rate data recovery engineers to attend training in Australia and Beijing Feng data recovery center data recovery engineer says, "In view of this relatively limited data recovery circles, the number of such professionals Data recovery training will bring a lot of the leading data recovery technologies, broadened our horizons. Meanwhile, the Beijing data recovery training will also exchanges between our peers provides a good platform for future data recovery Conduct of business helpful. " After years of effort, efficiency, the source of international data recovery industry has become the most talked about brand in domestic and international data recovery achieved an enviable market success. Efficiency of the source of a variety of its data recovery, computer access Card data backup device, because of its excellent portability, ease of use by the majority of peers the same recognition and praise. The efficiency of the source has not simply provide data recovery equipment, technical support, such as single mode of operation, in a few Data recovery training, data recovery books, data backup, computer forensics, data destruction, and many are involved, the efficiency of the source of today has grown into the most powerful data recovery integrated diversified businesses, leading the world Data recovery industry development direction.