Beijing start building the world largest repository of data samples severe illn
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Dec. 5 from the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Health Bureau jointly organized the "2010 Capital of major scientific and technological innovation Disease Control and Prevention Summit" on the understanding, Beijing has launched the first in the country "significant disease clinical data and sample repository" building , 2012, the resource library will be 50,000 cases with clinical data, 400,000 cases of the disease the world's largest sample of clinical data and sample library. It is reported, the clinical information collection and preservation of samples for disease diagnosis and treatment provide a scientific basis, and to further promote the disease etiology, epidemiology, medicine, and genomics of adverse drug reaction monitoring and other areas of research. Biological samples and common libraries, the construction of the "Beijing major diseases repository of clinical data and samples", directly to the crowd in Beijing's top ten dangerous diseases - hepatitis, AIDS and other four major infectious diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, six major chronic diseases such as diabetes, and is a clinical, imaging, blood samples and other information resources as one of the sample database and a unified, consistent with international standards of clinical databases. Currently, the clinical data and sample repository has been started.