Data show that: personal loans, Beijing dropped 3.5 billion new home
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Business Management Department Central Bank announced yesterday the city in November 2010 financial data show that slow growth of RMB deposits and loans continued to grow steadily. As of 11 at the end, renminbi deposits amounted to 6.38877 trillion yuan, 11 yuan deposit balance of the month in reduced 32.75 billion yuan. Business Management Department Central Bank data show that 11 at the end of this year, Beijing financial institutions and foreign currency deposits of 6.6296 trillion yuan, reduced 36.65 billion yuan month. In which the balance of RMB deposits increased by 16.7% the previous month and decreased 2.5 a year earlier and 15.6 percentage points. RMB corporate deposits decline month in deposits is 11 "shrink" the main reason. Data show that 11 end deposit balance of RMB 3.01834 trillion yuan business, end of last month reduced 11.02 billion yuan. The balance of savings deposits is increased slightly, 11 to 1.63397 trillion yuan at the end of the balance, end of last month increased 8.59 billion yuan. At the same time, financial institutions are still all the way up. November month increased the city a total of 40.19 billion yuan RMB loans. As of the end 11 of RMB 2.92034 trillion yuan loans, increased 40.19 billion yuan over the previous month end, January-November total of 378.31 billion yuan to increase; balances grew 15.9%, and up 0.8 percentage points, down 12.8 over the previous year percentage points. Invest in new loans from the view, the added value of real estate back to the first, but in a series of personal loans under the influence of regulatory policies, the growth rate mortgages dropped significantly, and 11 financial institutions in the month in individual housing loans increased 1.45 billion yuan and foreign currency. One new housing loans by 3.5 billion yuan, up 3.53 billion yuan less; secondary housing loans increased by 18 billion yuan, an increase of 1.9 billion less. Municipal Financial Bureau official says, resulting in deposits this year, the reasons for the slowdown more. On the one hand decreased the size of credit and business loans to fund the introduction of imputation management measures derived deposits; other hand, some central enterprises before the end of positive adjustment in the liability structure, there are plans to repay part of the stock of loans to total deposits declined. In addition, depositors and other factors enhance consumer motivation also makes savings deposits decline in growth rate compared to same period last year.