"Lesser panda " virus endangers data security badly
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Turn over virus center to be monitored, "Power gold " vermian mutation is travelling wantonly on the net, among them the executable file of a varietal will all infection (.exe file) the design that icon replaces lesser panda, can alter partial document, the data that endangers computer user badly is safe.

Turn over virus expert introduction, "Lesser panda " after virus moves, can mix in systematic file hard disk releases virus document below each divisional root catalog, next Microsoft of have the aid of " broadcast automatically " function, doubleclick hard disk every time in the user when can start automatically move. After virus moves, meeting end is current the Wu of kimono of process of the software that reduce toxin of almost all mainstream, can revise register a watch to start, in order to make oneself moves along with operating system synchronism.

The monitoring data that virus early-warning center provides shows, at present " power gold " virus already became the virus with domestic most this year mutation, hundreds mutation already infected more than 30 thousand computer of countrywide, and have new mutation everyday appear.

Scientific net 2006-12-01