The computer that judges you is medium virus
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All sorts of virus at this late hour also can are let a hundred flowers blossom, do popular in a state of anxiety, once discover his computer is a bit unusual,be being maintained is virus in do mischief, look for the software that reduce toxin everywhere, one is no good, come to again, anyhow does not find swear not to stop of " of " prime criminal it seems that same, result virus software was another to use, be this RMB probably was another piece to use a piece, still did not see the sign of " of " prime criminal, actually this may not is virus in do mischief.

Such example is not scarce, especially to user of a few primary computer. I use those who reach intranet sth resembling a net to safeguard a respect to gas defence with respect to combinative personal computer below how is experience judged to everybody introduction from the following respects medium virus, hope true to help identifying " poisonous " has certain help!

Virus and the distinction of soft, hardware breakdown and connection

Because affect virus to just be met,computer gives trouble is not merely some, because the breakdown of soft, hardware of computer itself is caused,all sorts of breakdown phenomena appearing in personal computer use process is more, because attributive installs be caused by,on the network is more. We understand both distinction and connection adequately only, ability makes correct judgement, be in ability will be seasonable when true virus came discovery. Below I am brief and listed the analysis of symptom of breakdown of a few common computer that causes because of virus and breakdown of soft, hardware respectively.

The likelihood after virus inbreaks causes the possibility of breakdown of soft, hardware

Often die machine: Virus opened a lot of files or took up a large number of memory; Not stable (differ like memory quality, hardware exceeds the) such as frequency function difference; The software that ran high capacity took up many memory and disk space; Used software of a few tests (have a lot of BUG) ; Hard disk space is waited a moment not quite; Often die when the software on moving network machine because network rate is too slow,perhaps be, the program that runs is too big, or oneself workstation hardware configuration is too low.

The system cannot start: The guiding that virus revised hard disk information, or deleted the certain file that start. If guide model attaint of virus guiding file; Hard disk attaint or parameter setting are incorrect; Systematic file is deleted artificially by accident etc.

The file cannot open: Virus revised file form; Virus revised a file to link the position. File attaint; Hard disk attaint; The link position of quick way correspondence produced the file to change; The software that compiles a document so was deleted; If be much in the local area network performance,the file in be a server deposited the position to produce change, and workstation is taken newly without seasonable rinse implement content (opened resource management for long implement) .
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