The 10 big safe risks that you did not realize (5)
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Your data is kidnapped, convict to your ransom

Endanger grade: Wait to get attack rate easily in: Low end: Windows user

See this headline, seem to be contacted together with the film, the scenario of the film is roughly such: Convict enters your computer, again " staking " the important data in computer and documentation, the data that masters with these is " hostage " , after giving convict ransom till you, they just release data " hostage " . Though be blackmailed similarly little little, but alive bound each district has happen.

Cryzip is an inchoate extortionate software. It can search 44 kinds of different file types on host hard disk (for example Word and Excel documentation) , bale these documentation next become to add close compression file. Later, software informs a victim the account that chooses randomly to turns into ransom. Pay after finishing, convict just can offer the password that compresses a file to the victim.

This year May, still appeared another kind of extortionate software -- Arhiveus. And former and different is, convict is not to want the way that the victim pays through the electron to pay ransom money, indicate a victim to buy prescription drug from a certain online drug-store however. After the victim buys drug, send order ID aggressor through mail, aggressor affirms without by accident hind through mail the password the reply gives a victim.

However, safe company Lurhq discovered Cryzip and the countersign that Arhiveus adds secret file. This countersign discovers in the code of baleful program, did not add close. "The victim uses this countersign to be able to be released with ZIP tool by ' staking ' file. " the Joe Stewart of Lurhq company expresses.

Quick-witted user always can have escaped to rob. Richmond Mathewson is Bulgaria Puluofudifu the developer of a software of city, he once rescued the data of great majority of a friend successfully. These data maintain presence " my documentation " in, include very important job documentation among them, and without backup. One day, these documentation disappeared suddenly. When Mathewson examines this computer that gets infection, discovered the extortionate message of Arhiveus. Next, the Mac Mini that Mathewson uses his couplet network and delete a file to restore software, fought bravely 4 hours. But he says him and restore all files without the success, "The documentation that still has 5% searched not to come back thoroughly " .

Nevertheless fortunately, the attack way that blackmails software is simpler, the range of its activity is quite narrow also. Besides undertake adding to the file close outside, arhiveus is returned the victim all files put a long document that the name is EncryptedFiles.als in. But actually, this documentation was not added close.

"To most network user, this kind of menace still is done not have so serious, " Stewart expresses, "I reckon at present the whole world has thousands of computer to get only such infection, this cannot satisfy the objective that those baleful software writers transmit extensively far. Because they take aim the look to more to be without the user of countermeasure to be being locked up to decide data only, ability gets the ransom money that the victim pays.
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