The 10 big safe risks that you did not realize (3)
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If they are used,network malfeasant understands email or it is network fishing website user of successful deceit network, he will control your computer. And common saying says well: Arms will will be blocked, water comes earthy adj/LIT wide. 2 this below are on guard the proposal is the personage inside a course of study offer, it is to use be on guard the optimal way that the network atttacks:

Convict directs the regard highly that browse to con website

Endanger grade: Gao Yi gets attack rate: High end: Commercial user

You are using a domain name everyday almost analytic (Domain Name System, DNS) server. The form that DNS can be familiar with people if " " such domain name changeover is IP address. Your ISP has his DNS server, and a lot of companies also match stock DNS server. Anyhow, internet visit cannot leave DNS.

Though DNS server is propping up Internet move, but in the investigation recently, internet function monitors discovery of company The Measurement Factory, the DNS server of 75% is running the domain name with outdated and undeserved configuration analytic software. Such DNS system often suffers the attack that comes from Internet, so that SANS(computer is safe,research and education are organized) label its one of flaw of 20 big Internet. In May 2006 portion, because suffer network convict continuously " decline a service " type attack, israel turns over Blue Security of rubbish mail company to be forced to shut company website, its reason is Blue Security used the DNS server with undeserved configuration.

Actually, the means that atttacks DNS server has a lot of kinds. Means of among them a kind of attack is " cache is toxic " , convict can lay the target of attack all use at the same time the person of DNS server. The attack that succeeds is OK direct the user that had used a firm or is ISP server successfully to website of fishing of a network, or it is baleful virus website. What perhaps you input in the browser is or, and the website that appears finally can install baleful software and postern program on the computer in you.

Still have additionally one kind of attack that can cause serious consequence: When the hacker to set recursive (when the DNS server of Recursive) function sends the request of a few deceit, the server is met make response, send the message of the reply there an user that gets circumvent. Compare with original request, the content that the server replies includes more data, this makes the harm that it causes more serious. Those unfortunate victims can be flooded by these rubbish data, and the true plea that cannot answer regular user.

Rootkit helps baleful software shield

Endanger grade: Gao Yi gets attack rate: Secondary goal: Windows user

Respecting Rootkit, its it may be said is the ultimate dream of baleful software writer, because it can help vermian, corpse,virus and other baleful software shroud his track. Because Rootkit is not met,manage in Windows resource implement in appear, when moving, also won't show manage in the task implement in, so of a lot of turn over virus and counterespionage software to cannot detect by program of its hidden ill will, this is nowadays the account that more and more baleful software writers use Rootkit.
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