The 10 big safe risks that you did not realize (4)
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Virus also can call to you

Endanger grade: Medium

Get attack rate easily: Low (American) , medium (Europe and Asia)

Target: Mobile phone and smartphone user

The computer virus that be in feels he is not quite bad it seems that, these dirty programs had laid the target your mobile phone. With computer virus, mobile phone virus can cause great harm likewise. From the point of the form that makes a harm, mobile phone virus includes " soft " harm (if die machine, close the machine, material that deletes memory, outward send rubbish mail, dial a phone to wait) and " hard " harm (mar SIM card, operating system and chip) .

Same, very much mobile phone virus also is with obtaining illegal profit is a target. Recently, program of a trojan affected the mobile phone of a lot of Russians. After infecting this kind of vaulting horse, hand opportunity sends information of a few text to arrive information desk, and the expenses with send these information to want collection certain. So far, virus of this kind of mobile phone has not launched attack to the United States, but had caused very great harm in Europe and Asia.

The biology battle in resembling real world is same, the transmission of mobile phone virus also needs " on the body " contact. Mikko Hyppoenen is the expert that F-Secure of company of Finnish Internet security is in charge of killing poisonous research, to study mobile phone virus, he often uses insecure mobile phone " make bait " , look next have baleful program to enter. In the journey that is in London, the mobile phone of Hyppoenen got 4 times atttack, and the blue tooth function that attack is a handle machine finishs (of blue tooth receive signal limits to be able to amount to 100 meters of) . Safe expert still expresses, though very much now mobile phone virus transmits through blue tooth, but this is not only transmission way. For example, mabir virus transmits through SMS information.

Additional, still a group of data show recently, passing the mobile phone virus of half is the operating system regards a Symbian as punching bag, the charge that still has one fraction is to be aimed at use Windows Mobile and the mobile phone that are based on Java. And since the portion discovered Cabir.A of virus of first mobile phone in June 2004, the amount of mobile phone virus is in all the time climb successively litre. Discovered virus of 211 kinds of mobile phones till May 15, 2006 merely, and just discovered 156 kinds 2005.

   Is there also baleful software in illuminating?

Endanger grade: Wait to get attack rate easily in: Low end: Most consumer

Science and technology develops so today, hard to avoid can ask someone, my passport, razor piece can you carry with pet cat is there computer virus? Perhaps, such problem appears a little far-fetched. But Holand researcher carries research recently, discovering these issues happen likely.
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