The 10 big safe risks that you did not realize (one)
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As the use person of Internet, we must hit a patch unendingly for computer operating system, and turn over software of virus, counterespionage to undertake groovy scanning to computer with what had updated regularly. And write this article in me when, my computer still sufferred Trojan horse virus (the attack of Trojan.Winloginhook.Delf.A) . Because this trojan just begins transmission, so my turn over virus software and cannot catch it in time. Our for the moment no matter it is previous the newest mutation of some trojan, or it is a kind of completely new-style attack, having what can affirm is: How is no matter our safety is on guard,consciousness strengthened, because this stops,the footstep that virus atttacks is not met.

In fact, although we cannot be accomplished 100 percent be on guard, but can reduce this kind of risk to lowest. And should achieve this one goal, what should do above all is to make clear the menace that we face what to have. Have thorough knowledge to make everybody safe to current network, I arranged a piece " the risk of safety of 10 large networks that you must know " detailed list. If think farther protection system is safe, the computer system that you still must know how be you hits a patch, still have tool of fixed newer safe software. Additional, I still was offerred for everybody a few solutions and be on guard measure, in order to help great master avoid these new menace, perhaps reduce a loss when you are incurring charge.

  The attacking army has reached the city gates of corpse computer main forces

Endanger grade: Gao Yi gets attack rate: High end: Windows user

Corpse network is after showing the computer that receives Internet is affected by virus or worm, controlled at the hacker, can launch DoS attack according to the hacker's instruction at any time, perhaps send fishing of rubbish mail, executive network, true user however none know the inside story, as if " corpse " general. And now, although computer abecedarian also can build his corpse network, control not the computer of insider, the reason is the person that tricky virus is founded creates corpse network the tool to regard as goods will traffic.

A lot of people are in now through selling profit at other's expense of tool of corpse network software. A carry out price of these kit differ to 3000 dollars from 20 dollars, can help " grazier " (hold the person that charges corpse computer to be grazier) the goal that achieves hidden, transmit baleful software for example, on other computer installation clavier records software to wait. "There are a large number of similar software tools now -- 50 kinds, 60 kinds, the kit that differs to about a hundred kinds very. " the Eric Sites of vice-president of research board of inquiry of Sunbelt software company expresses. Sunbelt is a company that designs counterespionage software program.

Attack example:  of Ji of ぞ of ス of horsefly of  of ü of earthen jar of coil up of elaborate of ┦  
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