Rich guest or transmit new approach into virus
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Enlarge rich passenger group to make the new approach that virus transmits likely increasingly. Yesterday, the provider of Wu of customer service of report proposal rich that by home some turns over virus manufacturer one to release and rich guest user should take this among them potential menace seriously.

Forecast according to authority, dimensions of Chinese rich guest will exceed 60 million 2006, rich guest amount will exceed 100 million 2007. And in escalate of rich guest dimensions while, "Rich is friendly " the amount also is in grow day and day, especially the rich guest of a few star and celebrity, every rich guest is had secure in great quantities " rich is friendly " , some websites still have special rich passenger group, if once these rich guests are used by hacker or virus, the crowd that affects will grow into geometrical progression. The individual rich customer that gave Yi Jian of famed star Zheng with respect to Ceng Chuan a few days ago by evil make event, the website puts picture of many Liang Yongqi by person alias.

To this, the reporter contacted golden hill the opposes virus aspect expert of poison bully, introduce according to its, the means that rich guest is used by virus basically has two kinds of possibility, one kind is to destroy rich guest oneself, host of guest of a few rich does not consider spread placement content; Another kind finds a place for on rich guest namely trojan virus, once the netizen browses this page,be affected possibly by the trojan.

The expert reminds say, although return the virus that uses rich guest to have transmission without discovery at present, but a variety of evidence show rich guest serves trader people the spreads virus risk that should exist possibly to its rich guest is caused take seriously; On the other hand, extensive network user also should raise network safety consciousness, adopt installation to kill the measure such as poisonous software.

People net on November 15, 2006