Microsoft Jing shows high level flaw 6 patches block menace
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Of the member that be in charge of as the net you, the likelihood arrives every month the 2nd to Tuesday, more or less can have some of insecurity. Because this day is Microsoft routine,release the day of flaw of Microsoft operating system. Once new loophole appears, be afraid you want be in a state of anxiety several days again.

Very unfortunate, you should begin to pass terrifyingly a few days again. This Tuesday that because be in,just goes, microsoft continues to be aimed at flaw 100 Windows system issued announcement of newest safe in November patch: Microsoft operating system discovers 6 flaw this month, announced to it relevant patch.

However, those who let all nets be in charge of personnel filled with apprehension is, in 6 safe flaw, the harm level that has 5 is surely " serious (Critical) " , level of another flaw harm is " important (Important) " . Microsoft alleges, be in 5 " serious " in safe flaw, 4 flaw and Windows operating system are concerned, another serves a bag to concern with Microsoft XML core.

Although still do not have discovery to be based on afore-mentioned flaw virus at present, do not eliminate hackers to use however among them random a safe flaw, what can not undertake in the user any operations finish a kind of baleful and vermian virus below premise is duplicate. This will produce direct menace to the information natural resources of enterprise user.

Important information is lost or preventing you to be in an unit is to suffer destroy, be in charge of as the net you are principal the terminal user that those who do is proposal unit network certainly, download instantly and install corresponding and safe patch, be in in order to avoid be not controlled by the hacker below premise of know the inside story the computer. We read these 6 patches below is released in the light of what flaw respectively.
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