Virus atttacks QQ host again and again " very get hurt "
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"1 day in my QQ date by pilfer 3! " yesterday, a reader is mirrorred to our newspaper. As we have learned, since the closest period of time, phenomenon of date of the pilfer on the net lifted a climax again, the main target of pilfer date is the chatting system such as QQ. Pilfer date climax lets a lot of netizens be killed by its, have a plenty of hundreds of good friends by clear sky, have a plenty of Q money by pilfer, to the person that those like to chat to understand computer and network knowledge not quite however very much, it is to be done terribly defeatedly more.

The reporter understands, the virus that the near future atttacks people QQ date basically has " QQ great robber " , " acting trojan " etc. Resemble " acting trojan " the trojan that is information of the secret on computer of user of a special purloin. "Acting trojan " after moving, can attack through recording key, the user name of purloin QQ password, in the mailbox that sends the confidential information of purloin the hacker to appoint. Similar pilfer date trojan has a lot of, because,be such, although a lot of people look for password hind through Tecent company, trojan virus also is met send new code very quickly the hacker again, also appeared above that mentioned netizen is in 1 QQ number is serial in the day by pilfer 3 problem.

As we have learned, date of QQ of purloin of the hacker on the net basically is used at two utility, one is to by pilfer person the good friend on QQ sends virus or pornographic webpage, another Q money that binds on date of purloin other QQ namely. Accordingly, the good friend in QQ is mixed more the person with Q much money, by the odds of pilfer a few bigger. Also because of date of the closest QQ by pilfer too concentration, the person that should seek a password is forced to keep contacting the Tecent company that QQ place belongs to, the customer service phone that causes Tecent company is squeezed watertightly, the reporter dials the customer service phone of Tecent company 3 days to fail to put through continuously. A QQ is told a reporter by the man of pilfer, he sends mail to want to look for a password to Tecent company, but the mail that Tecent company first time sends to him is blank unexpectedly, the code that sends the 2nd times is little still 1, do not use. This man says: "There is such case rarely before, appraising Tecent company also is busy came nevertheless, I call to them they also are good apologize suddenly. I call to them they also are good apologize suddenly..

The one part in getting online to had become a lot of life to live now, and the one part that the network chats is the surf on many netizen nets. Current, commonly used on-line chatting system basically has QQ, MSN, Yahoo to connect, hubble-bubble of TICQ, UC, Netease, the netizen of use QQ is more general. The reporter enquired the 30 netizens that the name goes to 20 years old 40 years old randomly, among them 28 people have QQ number, some people are more than still have number of a QQ, a few people use a variety of chatting tools such as QQ, MSN at the same time even. The QQ number that there are 6 people in this 28 people suffers in climax of this pilfer date murderous scheme, the 500 many good friends that create QQ of a netizen to go up by clear sky, bind on QQ of a netizen 60 multivariate Q money is missing. Other because 3 people are seasonable look for a password, applied code protection, the loss is lesser. Additional, get online now chatting had been the youth's patent not only, the citizen that the reporter asked 10 50 years old to arrive 65 years old randomly, among them 4 people get online, 3 people have QQ number, the QQ number that has 1 person recently by pilfer.
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