Did computer become bad the discharge outside how inviting data network?
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Chen Guanxi excessive takes Hong Kong actor incident rings noisy alarm bell to all computer users.

·How to ensure privacy data of the individual nothing more than discharge?

·Send computer toward what should notice when repairing?

·The host of computer and computer maintain a company, what law responsibility do each have?

·Whether does general computer maintain a company to there is the legal responsibility that states bilateral place to need to assume in black and white?

1 computer is not to say to want to forget "Delete " it is a space of practicable of data translate into that delete only.

To a lot of people, the colleague such as computer is unripe, within contains too much and important individual material, the most general include sundry image sound video, other and common still report mails material of agreement of content, company, credit card, bank, and a variety of passwords.

In fact, computer is equal really life, a lot of businesses are very much memory, not be to say to want to be able to forget so that drop at any time.

A researcher of haing Buddha university adds fragrance gram Er (Simson L Garfinkel) ever bought much station in auction website secondhand hard dish come back to do a test, result he from a lot of already by formatted hard dish in, if secret of record of credit card number, medicine, trade is mixed,find a variety of secret data.

No matter excessive is illuminated, average person thinks to want only so called secret the data is deleted, or computer hard dish new form is transformed (Format) with respect to no risk at all.

In fact, computer deletes an instruction is a space of practicable of data translate into that delete only, unless new material is stocked,enclothe, otherwise can by reductive. Because of computer delete an instruction to be not a data to move from computer memory division except, make the data file that should delete however register a record, commentate give the memorial space that deletes data place to occupy, become but the space of recycle, apparently the material that reads less than deleting, actually the data still leaves existence computer to remember an area in.

To preventing the leak outside computer illicit secret data, average person's basiccest acknowledge is, change hard dish pattern, destroy computer track record, make all data nonexistent. In other words, if want to send computer,repair, come out the data backup of need first, next the format is changed, make computer becomes empty machine to send again long. In fact, although format of will hard dish is changed, make much data or can defeat solution reductive. The form such as gotten Final Data, Easy Recovery can seek easily on the network, can defeat common protection solution, it is OK to calculate hard dish attaint to also have pattern reductive.

The excessive of Chen Guanxi and female star is illuminated stock computer, although be deleted through the surface, actually still complete keep is in computer memory division, want a person with high aspirations and determination to search with the reductive software with powerful function only, everything can return.
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