Oneself of industry user deep concern is safe
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Virus still is the biggest killer, net menace already also caused attention inside.

Information of basis plan world (CCW Research) newest research reports " network of Chinese industry user is safe 2006 market investigation report " research discovery, the industry user that has above of half the number to at present the information security situation of enterprise oneself expresses concern.

Investigation shows, how does industry user contain generally safe product, the software that reduce toxin is current by the safe product that uses the most extensively, installation scale is adjacent 100% ; And the installation scale of firewall also is as high as 90% ; The installation scale that opposes rubbish mail already also achieved 20% above. But nevertheless, to the state with enterprise oneself at present safe information, the company that still has 57.8% expresses concern, worry about the harrass that the mainest source is virus among them. Going up somehow for, at present virus remains the killer with business information the biggest safety.

Be these safe products cannot satisfy an user be opposite quite safe need? Investigation shows, think the very effective, proportion that can guarantee business not to suffer any effects is the safety precaution 24% , more effective, can guarantee professional work basic insusceptible scale is 59% . Analytic data can see, at present existing network safety defends method, can satisfy the safe need with basic user of 80% above industry.

So, the industry user that why still has above of half the number expresses concern to safe state? Because the safe condition of information system always is in constant change,this is in, result from on one hand the change of safe demand, the applied system that enterprise and organization abound ceaselessly often can produce new safe loophole; Also depend on on the other hand the change of safe menace, the tide that the safe menace of network and information turns to diversification, crime develops, brought harm is more dangerous also and serious. Accordingly, safe product is far unwarrantable the network is safe, although show some safety precautions to be able to ensure current business to move normally, but new safe menace still exists constantly.

Can foreknow, because industry user is opposite,be anxious safely to basically originate the harrass of virus, all the time of demand of user of press close to defend virus product, after maintaining successive and old growth, will still be in the position that product of its security main force will hold inside a paragraph of period henceforth. And the change that professional safe service can get used to user safety condition more quickly with personalized ground, stem from remove safe trouble back at home and the need that reduce safe risk, industry user will be progressively to the demand of safe service Anacreontic change.

In the meantime, most user thinks inside the safe problem with minatory net has become serious problem. Although also a few users think network menace basically is,come from external attack, if interior relies on corresponding management, safety should do not have too big question. But, more users or internally net menace gave enough attention, the reason basically includes the following fields: Above all, the main attention drop of manufacturer and user is current relatively center respect of outer net menace, and internally the attention that net safety manages link is opposite weaker, once inside consequence of net occurrence problem will be unimaginable; Next, by inside the risk that net user poses is on guard harder; Again criterion, the net matters to a company to run directly inside, net data is the core of the enterprise inside, the net appears inside the problem brings about whole system easily to break down; In addition, the safe consciousness of in-house use personnel is insufficient, and from network safety the product supplies end to look, the safe product of the net inside control is at present less.
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