Safety becomes Chinese Internet " soft costal region "
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Netizen amount grows continuously, and safe satisfaction is spent walk along low safety to become Chinese Internet continuously however " soft costal region "

The report of statistic of Internet development state of affairs of the most influential force released home yesterday newest findings, while netizen amount maintains smooth growth, the anxious problem that the netizen protects to network safety and privacy however protruding comes out now. In user of 123 million network, be less than to what network safety expresses satisfaction 20% , satisfactory rate falls somewhat than be being returned 1 year ago.

According to newest investigation, up to on June 30, amount of domestic Internet user reachs 123 million person, than 19.4% growing 1 year ago. That is to say, in countrywide limits, in every 100 people, 9.4 people get online. While netizen amount grows continuously, safe to the network satisfaction spends everybody to maintain as before however in low-level.

According to investigation, the respect that the netizen feels disgusted most to Internet, center in security problem. Be chosen in the 10 big questions with top scale, occupied 5 relevantly with safety, include network virus, network to inbreak, collect fees bilk of trap, network, privacy is divulged etc.

From the point of current condition, the netizen is safe to the network be anxious, it seems that already cannot oneself find settlement way. Generally speaking, network user answers safe question the simplest, it is only way even, install the software that reduce toxin namely, investigate discovery this, did not install any software that reduce toxin, firewall or the netizen of counterespionage software is less than 3% . Contain in majority computer turn over virus software today, safe problem became to make a person anxious it seems that, however helpless " knot " .

Interesting is, issue findings report in CNNIC a few days ago, once caused a mighty uproar in home " net silver great robber " case, ended punishment detect by chance, be about to enter litigant phase. Xiamen Liu Mou of student of one technical secondary school, through emissary software is being released on the net, the bank that got 100 much people blocks Zhang date and password, filch capital more than yuan 60 thousand. This case, confirm the netizen appears to be anxious safely is not suffer from imaginary fears.

Nevertheless, also the expert of many bank system interior thinks, the netizen is at present right the safe composition that worries about some to exaggerate. Li Fuan of head of department of superintendency cooperation of meeting business innovation shows Chinese silver-colored watch: "The panic of mentally is more than everybody actually problem. " and Cao Xiaoqing of vise general manager of center of Chinese finance attestation expresses: "I want to bear the blame the ground tells everybody, use the bank on the net correctly, the bank on the network that each domestic commercial banks provide now is sufficient safety. The bank on the network that each domestic commercial banks provide now is sufficient safety..
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