Information security company breaks ice
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It is home on one hand the huge market to own technology demand, , the respect is to come from abroad driving adversary, how is company of living domestic information security begged to should acquire due profit and market in crack? To this, of the problem seek solution, the expert thinks, need reachs his to develop the respect such as the history to undertake all-around reflection from the product of information safety industry, market, technology, search from which piece, the road of the development of company of domestic information security and break out of an encirclement: The technology is abided by to develop the rule on direction, openly battlefield abandons on the strategy, it is in order to innovate on tactics this.

■ fierce of afterwards of chaste tree of key laboratory of information safety state

Get information safety market is swift and violent of development drive, our country produced large quantities of one information security companies, even a lot of state-operated are large and medium-sized the enterprise also devotes into information safety in succession come in the industry. Below current auspicious condition, a lot of enterprises may be taken by the conduct propaganda of media information safety domain, mix as a result of the way that chose a mistake however product, make a lot of safe enterprises cannot get due profit and market. Accordingly. Many enterprises begin to suspect information safety is a kind of bubble, some enterprises begin hesitation and also retreat return other sphere.

We think, vacuum of primitive information field profit is giant, information safety industry will be a bright highway that we pound the Information Industry, it is the bright industry that can abandon least of all. From information safety the development trend of oneself looks, information safety is having the market with huge potential. Forecast according to IDC, amount of market of global information safety was the growth of 63.9 billion dollar from 2002 118.8 billion dollar 2007, among them the market of hardware, software and service has rate general to be respectively 32. 4 % , 34 % and 33. 6 % ; The market dimensions of safety of Asia-Pacific area information will is from the growth of 3.7 billion dollar 2003 83 2007. 400 million dollar, and market of Chinese information safety is from growth of 200 million dollar 6. 700 million dollar, year all increase rate is 34 % , exceed whole Asia-Pacific market far 22. Of 9 % year all increase rate.

Review the progress of industry of safety of our country information, information safety industry has arrived deep a lot of domain, include our hep password technology, attestation technology, firewall, IDS, operating system and wireless safety to wait, but the actual strength of company of security of our country information and market competition ability are in weak force all the time however at international manufacturer relatively. The cause that causes this one phenomenon to appear has a lot of, among them one of technology forestall that are the international tycoon such as Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco. Although special and safe domain waits in the password, the state-owned technology of our country gets the protection of certain level, but more safe enterprises can be begged in crack only live, simple support cannot have been obtained to the copy of foreign technology the market and more interests.
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