Chinese IT service will enter autumn 2010
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Hardware, software and service are the main component that makes Chinese IT market, run the development that runs to three-layer framework from two frameworks as user IT, and the development of electronic business affairs and Internet, service by in adding the appurtenant position that attributes hardware and software product, come out independently gradually, in the informatization construction process of the enterprise, produce mainer and mainer effect.

Review the progress that IT serves since reforming and opening, plan world information (CCW Research) think, chinese IT served an industry to experience following development level: Before 2002, the formation that is an industry period; 2002 - 2010 is an industry grow period; The industry will enter autumn after 2010.

IT serves the market to develop time weak point, but very fast IT enters growth rate Chinese beginning, had had relevant service, but the industry that the service of this one phase returns what cannot say to be is an independence, the hardware that provides because of it and IT manufacturer or software product is bound together. To 90 time metaphase, china appeared professional IT serves trader, their advocate business Wu is not to sell hard software product, provide a service however, include to support service and professional service; The amount of IT service provider that is this one period only is limited, cannot form dimensions. To 2002, it is under the pressure of cost, while IT provider is offerring product of hard, software, the service that provides generally to place undertook collecting fees, promoted IT to serve industrial formation and development, end 2005, chinese IT serves dimensions to achieve nearly 60 billion yuan, year increase rate is in 20% above, realized the gain of the service.

The demand that Chinese user serves to IT has not erupt to look from the whole world, the hardware of the developed country, software and service market power are balanced, basically be to hold the market share of 1/3 each, service and hard software product are basically OK be on an equal footing. Be in China, IT market structure is medium 2005, the market share of hardware is occupied 66.7% , the portion of software is 19.4% , the market share of the service is had only 13.8% . And the content that provides from the service looks, the market share that bore a service 2005 is 50.1% ; Compositive service is resided second, market share is 22.8% ; IT seeks advice, the market share that the bag outside IT and IT groom is respectively 9.0% , 14.3% with 3.8% , this and developed country IT seek advice and the situation with the very general bag outside IT is disparate.

Industrial development environment still remains to serve the market to expand latent capacity at perfecting IT tremendous, but from show level to look, its develop an environment to still face a lot of problems. Be IT service relative standard firstly make diseased still, serving the premise condition that the product changes is standardization. And from at present IT service metric system of China looks surely, have not form the service standard that complies with native market to expand a demand, standard of predicting disaster backup, information safety standard and the level that IT flow operation runs may be in in last few years inside come on stage. It is market competition disorder secondly, service provider is not rational when accept the order, take no account of investment to yield than, when the client is selecting a firm, also be with the price and acceptance oriented, do not inspect a manufacturer to serve ability, cause service trade deficit, the ending with dissatisfactory user.
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