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"The information safety of our country faces an acid test. " in Chinese informatization construction new technology and new product are recommended on the meeting, qu Chengyi of committee member of advisory committee of national informatization expert expresses: "Industry of safety of our country information and abroad have very big difference, 1% what total output value of product of domestic information safety takes the whole world only; The proportion that industry of domestic information safety holds domestic IT production value is 0.2% . The proportion that industry of domestic information safety holds domestic IT production value is 0.2% ..

Information safety topological features nots allow hopeful

"The development of product of information security main aspect of our country is very at present rapid, informatization demand space of the country is very large also. " Qu Chengyi expresses. As social informatization degree rise ceaselessly, of IT application domain be extended ceaselessly and of network new technology update ceaselessly, network and the negative effect that information safety problem brings are increasingly outstanding also. As a result of information safety flaw appears often, the incident such as attack of network worm, hacker happens from time to tome, the health that restricted the Information Industry not only develops, the social life that also gives national economy construction and people brought a lot of negative effects.

According to introducing, from 2004 the bottom rises, the website of bank of sham Bank of China, agriculture, industrial and commercial bank appeared early or late on Internet, illegal element is passed establish sham bank website, the Zhang date of this user mixes diddle password. The network system of the company that our country had 80% 2005, government organization once had sufferred the attack of virus and hacker, double the rubbish mail amount that the user receives already was normal post, rubbish mail creates the waste of company natural resources, reduce the moving efficiency of whole network, bilk of virus, hacker, network also mail of rubbish of have the aid of infestation of indulge in wilful persecution of this one easy medium of communication. Because Internet does not have mature safe problem in the beginning of design, a lot of network agreements and application did not provide necessary safe service, there should be a lead plane to contract virus only in the network, criterion virus course is completely possible diffuse quickly inside cutty time, the insecure element such as dead machine of missing, machine meets information leak, file following sb's heels and come. As the rapid development of our country mobile, mobile phone short message has communicated means into the information that uses generally for people, subsequently and those who come is all sorts of undesirable short messages is flush... the normal life that these problems disturbed people already badly.

The expert expresses, information safety regards blame tradition as safe element, had installed safety of complete, economy, culture security to make the main component of national security jointly with the politics of our country. The on the safe side that how ensures website sth resembling a net moves, had made a when be faced with in process of our country informatization grim challenge.
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