IDC: Did not come to China 5 years IT safety market year all grow 20 %
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American authority investigates orgnaization IDC6 day to release a report to say, predicting future year of compound increase rate of market of safety of IT of 5 years of China for 20. 9 % , to 2010 dimensions of this one market will be achieved 9. 76.5 billion dollar.

This report that issues on safety of IDC Asia-Pacific area and durative forum says, 27. The Asia-Pacific area of 8 % (do not contain Japan) enterprise have not deploy any business that answer safe question are durative solution. But lose confidential and financial information to wait to large transnational corporation from Asian seismic sea wave, potential and safe problem affects the example common occurance that the company grows.

IDC thinks, spend to the dependence of IT infrastructure as the enterprise add try to reach safe consciousness to increase ceaselessly, more and more enterprises will regard an important matter and consideration of a kind of strategy as to carry the order of the day information safety.

This analysis orgnaization is forecasted, did not come 5 years year of compound increase rate of Asia-Pacific area and software of safety of chinese mainland market will amount to respectively 15. 7 % and 22. 6 % , the IT safe market that includes safe software, safe hardware, safety to serve inside also rises high speed.

IDC thinks, IT safety already was surmounted far " firewall + defends safety of virus software = " concept. As the rapid development of the network that expands increasingly and mobile technology, job of company staff need is in any any places, time, originally to handle official bussiness on certain no longer place. Company staff has been familiar with more and more to IT system, and use the work efficiency that IT system promotes him ceaselessly. These information safety government that give a company brought enormous challenge.