What information safety understanding and action depart is terminative
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Current, the situation of information safety is very grim still. New menace can appear everyday, happen with a variety of forms, like Viruses (virus) , Worms (vermian) , Phishing (the network fishs) , Pharming (another kind of form with con network) , Social Engineering (social project trap) , Identity Theft (the identity steals) etc.
These menace already expanded even burgeoning technology domain. For example, voIP telephone network and municipal Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity, wireless fidelity, be " small well-informed " uses technology) the potential menace that application is existing to be atttacked.

But, in a few years of in the past, also appeared advanced safety precaution will solve these problems. The processing capability of safe software gets ceaseless promotion, its application is more and more general also at the same time, they can detect slipped into a system in the past to those likelihoods, and the charge that had run for a long time. Protection of server of firewall technology, representative, inbreak of the system that monitor and other plan fought attack ability to also get likewise very big rise.

Because these raising, a lot of people think it seems that the safe solution of complete automation already can block the way almost all attack. However, the IT that has this kind of point of view actually administrator is to be in completely ego is paralytic, make oneself are able to set his mind at, this will make they are blackened very easily by formal be apt to the guest's attack.

The plan of nonexistent perfect

In fact, solution of neither one software or automation processing can equal raise safety to protect understanding and the understanding that raise pair of safe questions in the job through grooming. However, come from computer guild (Computing Technology Industry Association, abbreviation CompTIA) a new investigation indicates a lot of companies and did not realise the part that in protecting data security, network safety and process of technical infrastructure safety, factitious element place acts.

Apparent, about safety, what people says is, and those who do is, did not accomplish consistent.

CompTIA undertook famous, the research that browbeat in the light of information safety and answers, this research had lasted 4 years. In these 4 years of time, the annual metropolis in studying a result mentions a such kills, that is most safe flaw immanent factitious error is caused.

This year considers to report March 20 that a week is announced. In the report, the safe flaw that the company that there is 59% in 574 companies that are surveyed points out to they go wants the error with factitious ascribe. This number is more apparent than having last year rise, there is the safe flaw that is less than a half in the report last year is caused by factitious error.

Because employee did not abide by the safe policy of company interior and safe program strictly,the happening of these factitious error is mostly and cause.
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