China will strengthen network safety to safeguard
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Xi Guohua of electric MII undersecretary was in xinhua net Beijing 17 days to say here on May 17, chinese network and information safety face grim situation, superintendency branch will perfect system of monitoring of network news safety with technical measure.

Xi Guohua is in the 38th " world telegraphic day " and first " day of world message society " say on commemorative mass rally, china brings perfect news full grade protection, strengthen information safety risk to evaluate the work, take lash-up and construction of catastrophic backup system seriously, monitoring of safety of perfect network news and technology guarantee a system.

International Telecommunication Union is affirmatory this year on May 17 " world telegraphic day " the theme is " make global network safer " . Inside global limits, the network such as illegal crime of flaw of safety of all sorts of computer virus, harmful information, system and network and information safety problem are outstanding with each passing day, the abidance that restricted information communication trade not only is healthy develop, also gave national economy construction and people society life to bring a lot of negative effects.

Xi Guohua says, systematic safety flaw and elementary and low content make Chinese network and information safety face grim situation. Superintendency branch increases effort to break out incident to network and information safety answer and be on guard ability, raise consciousness of public network safety energetically, build active, open, effective network safety to ensure a mechanism.

He says, strengthen the research and development of technology of core of key of network safety domain even at the same time, accelerate construction of platform of network security technology.

MII data shows, gross of current China telephone subscriber is achieved 7. 6.8 billion, house world the first, internet online number exceeds 1 . 100 million, house world the 2nd.