Network safety expects to standardize
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In May 23 ~ 24 days, "Announce of delibrate of relative standard of project of sunshine green network as string of 1000 cash meeting and safety of telegraphic network news and standardization forum " hold in Beijing. Business of relevant government leader, telegraphic operation " network safety, information safety and its standardization " spread out to discuss.

Chemical industry of information of the State Council makes office Director Lv Chengzhao think, our safe to information understanding, the information from 80 time is confidential, to the information of 90 time complete, information can be used, still include information to be able to accuse now and of information behavior undeniable, seeking safety in order to seal an information cannot be taken.

Xu Jianfeng of Chinese telecommunication Inc.'s assistant chief engineer thinks, the network is safe substantially, major problem can be being solved on the technology, the key relies on the program design of network science and deploy to carry out, still rely on a government sector to publish relevant legal laws and regulations.