"Colourful according to the door " knock noisy data to restore alarm bell
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The near future, the “ that astonishs the throughout the country admired to cause wide attention of the society according to door ” incident, the height that also caused safe to information problem from this takes seriously. Data restores to regard information safety as one of important service content of the domain, progressively by more apply widely, and a lot of problems that solve urgently still exist in using a process, this guides with respect to the industry standardization that is badly in need of concerned branch.

Chemical industry of information of the State Council makes office Director Zhao Zeliang point out, current concerned department still takes the new loophole of information safety domain seriously not quite, the technical ability that data restores an industry is more fragile, enhance information security consciousness and making perfect solution is urgent affairs, and point out at present data restores the market environment of the industry, management and technology still have very big defective, social benefit pays close attention to while the requirement pays attention to economic benefits from estate company and promote industry development.

Of course, the data security that wants to raise whole society truly protects consciousness, the health that promotes data to restore an industry grows and benign development, cannot leave the joint efforts of governmental dominant and enterprise and user. Shen Changxiang of academician of committee member of advisory committee of national informatization expert, Chinese Academy of Engineering put forward to suggested at 3 o'clock: The first, the government should strengthen the management that restores an industry to data, stimulative industry health develops, offer in respect of technical research and development support energetically; The 2nd, data is protected and restore to serve an enterprise to should do his utmost to foster use at assuming social responsibility, standard management, improve a technology, advance the development of this industry jointly; The 3rd, broad user should establish an intense data security consciousness, the data of nurturance science is protected and restore a service to consume a habit, build the good society environment that this industry health develops.

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