Blemish microprocessor makes another attack central point
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Come for years, the hacker is in all the time the black hole that centers energy to search computer software, computer system is used in order to let them below the circumstance without accredit.

But last week 2, the researcher of university of Yi Linuo Yi revealed them how to change computer chip however, let aggressor open back door to enter computer, although this one technology is very multifarious, but the likelihood that does not have any defence in real world at least, discovering repeatedly even is very bad thing.

This group uses a kind special but process designing processor, it is OK that the firmware of infuse ill will arrives in chip memory system implementation makes aggressor direct log onto a machine.

This is meant do not need to find out any software blemish to be able to let aggressor in big strides enters a system and not by any is based on of software inbreak testing system detects. More terrible is, these programmable chip are in of Sun in high-end server Central Africa often sees.

Researcher is devoting oneself to to find out detect this kind of method that atttacks means.

Method of this kind of attack indeed special concealment, be inbreaked when the system of an unit, their director also won't believe anyhow is hardware gave an issue, as to fixed position this hardware is more difficult. The problem of systematic safety had been without ground of be concerned about to turn to hardware from software.