WindowsXP SP3 formal edition releases a process in detail
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Windows Vista SP1 has ended, windows XP SP3 is not far also. From this month the last ten-day of a month arrives in June the first ten days of a month, user people what will get XP gradually is the last upgrade service bag.   

On April 21: 7 kinds of first languages are released, include simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Han Yu and spanish, but be restricted only the person that user of client of accredit of OEM manufacturer, batch, Microsoft Connect, MSDN and TechNet subscribe to.   

On April 29: First fair development cloth, in Microsoft Update, Windows Update and Microsoft download center and other places all can be obtained.

On May 5: The 2nd batch is released, include Arabic, traditional Chinese, Chinese (Special Administrative Region of Chinese Hong Kong) , language of Czech, Denmark, Dutch, Finnic, Hellenic, Hebraic, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, polish language, Portuguese (Brazil) , Portuguese (Portuguese) , Russian, Swedish with Osmanli.   

On June 10: Cloth of the 2nd batch of fair development, push on Windows Update send update automatically.   
Formal edition of Win XP SP3 releases a process in detail

About the data of a few details of Windows XP SP3:   

1, XP SP3 includes all hot rehabilitate since XP SP2 and newer patch, introduce the more product close key that is used at professional edition XP SP2c originally, existing product number still can continue to use.   

2, professional edition XP SP3 can offer independent installation mirror of bag, CD and DVD mirror upgrade 3 kinds means, also have compositive the whole system CD of SP3, as similar as Vista SP1, of only exception is Japanese version does not have CD mirror.   

3, media center edition and XP SP3 of Tablet PC edition won't have compositive version, namely the user cannot obtain complete systematic CD, can upgrade through Windows Update on the foundation of SP2 only.   

4, XP SP3 is optional to OEM manufacturer upgrade plan, update not compulsively.   

Last bits, to the XP SP3 Build 5573 that mentions in KB951126 of Microsoft knowledge base, steven Sinofsky of senior vice president clarifies Microsoft Windows and department of Windows Live engineering say, although it wants to compare the Build 5508 of XP SP3 RC2 Refresh,want tall, but the date of formal edition edition that this still is not XP SP3.

Formal edition of Win XP SP3 releases a process in detail
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