Use same the password is property by pilfer advocate because of
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Use to many webpages same countersign is equivalent to be being mixed to your home, car in Internet times box of bank insurance memory is used same a key.

Although use current word of command to be able to let network criminal cut,take all sensitive data of a person, but, the person that there is an in part in the Internet user that accepts investigation to oneself all online account are used same an investigation that has to the 800 people of the United States and England shows a countersign.Accenture advisory company, the person of 88% states the individual is the main reason that causes Id theft and bilk irresponsibly. This findings report will be in this week 4 release.

Researcher says, these investigation show a lot of people underestimated the menace that the guilty gang that has an organization grows increasingly. These criminals acquired huge interest through selling the Id channel of theft.

Senior official Robert Dyson says department of practice of safety of Accenture whole world, a lot of people think to set same countersign does not have a problem. Still have the case of a kind of escapism: Brandish of っ of Qia of job offer Gan is inclined I do not know bad? the Id of anybody by pilfer. Accordingly, this kind of thing won't happen.

Dyson says, repeating the issue that uses a password is the hacker that makes break through an account successfully can the other account that how easy to do dope out enters this user.

A lot of users repeat using a password is to be afraid that the England that forgets these countersign.70% suffers the person that visit to express, they do not suffer the United States that countersign writes down.49% the person that visit does not write down countersign. Have 7% only suffer the person that visit to state they often change countersign, use countersign runs software or the machine that dactylogram reader visits them and account.