Microsoft the end of the year releases SQLServer2005 SP3
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Microsoft affirms today, will be by this year release the 3rd SP to serve a bag for SQL Server 2005.

Sale of Microsoft SQL Server is in charge of Francois Ajenstat to express in rich guest, new generation SQL Server 2008 will be in the 3rd quarter rolls out RTM final edition this year, and later can give off SQL Server 2005 SP3.

SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 had released near two years half, become unfortunately let commercial client upgrade one of obstacles of Windows Vista, because want to install it on Vista, must upgrade to SP2 above all, but SP2 just was given off Feburary till last year, later than commercial edition Vista almost 3 months.

For this, microsoft introduced increment of a kind of “ to serve mode ”(ISM) , every 8 weeks release SQL Server near future to update amendatory of patch, Bug to accumulate upgrade bag, one amended 60 many Bug recently.

By this year January, microsoft announces edition of SQL Server 2008 RTM adjourns from first half of the year the 3rd quarter, and the global news briefing Feburary 27 became ceremony of face of a paper.