Vista patch is put blemish sends USB to not have answer
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A when Microsoft releases last week patch that is aimed at Windows Vista and operating system of Windows Vista SP1 is put have drawback. After the user hits a patch, will discover USB equipment cannot be answered.

The report says, microsoft is in last week 2 issued safe in April announcement as scheduled. In the announcement this month, install congruent class to be “ the updating of serious ” level is 5, level of “ important ” is 3. After installing an among them patch when the user, will discover USB equipment cannot be answered, mouse and shine put drive to suffer an effect particularly serious. Current, microsoft already confirmed this flaw, but refus publishs a comment to this absolutely.

Microsoft spokesman expresses: &The patch that we already understood Ldquo; to be released to Microsoft near future will cause an effect possibly to USB equipment. We are undertaking investigating to this, still cannot leak other information up to now. ”