U dish borrow run a first place of minatory pop chart automatically
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On April 16 message, the technology of ESET of safe software firm teachs chief inspector Randy Abrams to say, through U dish the menace that transmits baleful software is growing. In two recent months, “INF/Autorun”U dish baleful software ranks head of a list of names posted up on minatory pop chart all the time. Abrams says, configuring the equipment of USB interface to begin construction to moving is very convenient for the author. But, this kind of equipment also is a kind of menace that grows increasingly, because the computer trusts,this is planted equipment. Insert an USB equipment when you the computer when, the operating system of Microsoft will run a program automatically. It can install a program automatically, consumer to installing what program utterly ignorant.

He says, this is dangerous, what is the program that because run a function automatically,does not know it to move. Accordingly, I can put a baleful program in CD CD or in USB equipment. Want you to insert them to the computer only, they will install that baleful software automatically.

This kind run a function automatically to the user it is convenient. But, to safe expert, this function is stinking. Him Microsoft safe expert says, this each uses moving function is not a good thing.

Abrams says, moving automatically is a kind of very convenient approach that uses systematic safety loophole. But, this flaw won't repair, because Microsoft thinks,this is a function. He says, alleviate the risk of “INF/autorun” is not easy. The software reducing toxin of the high quality that holds newest position will be helpful. Another measure is do not insert U when the user runs PC with administrator attributive dish. Do a likelihood to won't prevent infection so, but, can reduce what infection brings to destroy. Best method is to shut run a function automatically. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to shut this function. [1]