Vista SP1 upgrades independently bag government already was released
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Beijing time on April 15, millions of people expects all languages of long already Windows Vista Service Pack 1 install a bag independently (KB936330) was released formally eventually! Can download a center to download directly from Microsoft at present, nevertheless to it before the signed on Feburary 1 independent installation that divulges already wraps a file to was not distinguished, had installed the friend of 18000 not to need to be updated afresh, the grand opera that believes everybody expects most remains the government the Chinese edition of compositive SP1 installs CD, very should fast OK following one by one. Hope you can sleep tonight good become aware.

All languages of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 install a bag independently (KB936330) 32 edition download page: Http:// Familyid=F559842A-9C9B-4579-B64A-09146A0BA746&displaylang=zh-cn
All languages of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 install a bag independently (KB936330) 64 edition download page: Http:// Displaylang=zh-cn&FamilyID=86d267bd-dfcd-47cf-aa76-dc0626dcdf10



It is the important specification that download page provides below, a bit special:

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) It is the newer program that is aimed at Windows Vista, it solved a few problems that our client place feedbacks. SP1 besides include what release before to update besides, still solved certain dependability, function and compatibility problem, provided the support to new hardware, increased the support of the standard that appears to a few kinds newly. SP1 also makes IT administrator deploy and administrative Windows Vista become more easy. All languages of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 can be installed on the system of any language version one-way version.

Read overview of Windows Vista SP1 (SP1) , include to add content, detailed technique newly among them information, guideline and change significantly.

Read guideline of deploy of Windows Vista SP1 (SP1) . This guideline includes to install the technical information of Windows Vista SP1, process and proposal in commerce or business environment.

If you just update a computer not to want to click “ ,download ” : Windows Update already offerred this to update the smaller, implements specific aim more download of the program now.

Want to download the one-way edition of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) , the directive in showing ” share according to the following “ please undertakes operating.
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