Warning: Safe flaw of In2000 GDI of form road 鎃
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According to safe researcher Zhou Yi reports, operating system of Chinese edition Windows 2000 is put in crucial flaw, can be atttacked by baleful code. The iron that surpass the door overcame a company to had confirmed this information, express, already somebody comes the proof code paste of notional sex One of already confirmed flaw are, system of Chinese edition Windows 2000 SP4 puts the Windows GDI that be in or hole of graphical equipment interface, microsoft had released a patch last week. Nevertheless, this flaw is aimed at the Windows 2000 operating system of Chinese edition only it seems that, the Windows 2000 system of other language is not put in same question. Use this flaw hacker to be able to carry out baleful code to hijack PC, let IE browser break down for example, or it is to let Windows file manage implement break down.

The analysis of company of gram of the iron that surpass the door to its client explains in the report: &Ldquo; this flaw does not affect the user of English system, but carry out long-range code to form a system possibly also to break down through revising ” . The iron that surpass the door overcame a company to had mastered this flaw at present, according to analysing this it is one kind pretends the EMF picture that includes baleful code into the method of JPG file, if camouflage is proper, this flaw can be sparked.

Before a week, microsoft is released in the light of at present the GDI flaw of mainstream operating system amends a patch, for example Vista SP1, server 2008 and Windows XP SP3 do not need to undertake updating, because this is amended,had included to be in the operating system. And the patch that company of the Tie Ke that surpass the door asks announcement of safety of MS08-021 of user deploy Microsoft is medium, because the hacker may revise the flaw that is aimed at Chinese Windows system to atttack code, have charge to English system thereby. [1]