The analysis of breakdown of DELL SCSI hard disk and maintenance - hard disk
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Breakdown phenomenon: This is the SCSI hard disk of a DELL 6300 server. Windows 2000 order cannot be entered after switching on the mobile phone, screen clew cannot find a system dish. After pressing F1 to bolt, usable floppy disk is started, but cannot enter C dish. Tear open next hard disk after alone electrify, without any reaction, prove hard disk already damaged, and it is normal that other component all is used.
  analysis and maintenance: For reliable for the purpose of, system of good Windows 2000 is installed on the computer that works a new SCSI hard disk normally in another first, accept this plane again. After switching on the mobile phone, still cannot start normally, screen shows: "Did not undertake systematic parameter is installed " , " did not set a particular year and time " , and show without SCSI interface parameter, right now predicate hard disk connects a line or interface circuit has trouble (because SCSI cable has terminal to balance circuit, and cable of IDE hard disk does not have) . Change after cable, start the computer afresh, discovery has parameter of interface of SCSI hard disk to hint, but still cannot enter Windows 2000 system, by Del key cannot enter setting of CMOS system parameter. Get online consult to be informed about DELL company data, DELL series computer and general and compatible aircraft are different, cannot bolt by Del or " Ctrl Alt Esc " key enters CMOS to set parameter, press F10 key to just can enter CMOS to install after self check is passed however.
  starts the computer afresh again, by F10 key still cannot enter systematic parameter setting, be informed through searching concerned data, the hard disk structure of DELL series computer and commonly used computer hard disk are different, in the open up on hard disk special section records a system records it to set parameter, the ability after computer of only useful DELL firsts wife the floppy disk that start is started starts new hard disk and differentiate a special section. Because this machine did not match this kind of floppy disk that start, have 8 pieces of CD only, find out among them 1 piece of CD that the name is SmartStart, after putting this dish CD driver to start the computer, CD moves automatically, after be being operated by clew, the computer regards hard disk as automatically special dish.
The computer is started again after   takes out CD, already can be started normally and enter systematic parameter setting.
  starts the computer afresh finally, install operating system of good Windows 2000 of good system parameter, installation and its application software, the computer everything returns to normal.

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