Data of common hard disk resumes 5 big move
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Hard disk has price and data does not have valence, more and more users have such idea now, but just can have when encountering data crisis truly only experience personally, although store the computer data in all sorts of disk is so important, but the reason as a result of technology and craft, any storage equipment are put in the risk of damage. The change of moving environment and aggravation, violate compasses operation or torment type operation, of the destruction of virus and hacker inbreak, and all sorts of unusual situations that prevent hard, bring about storage equipment possibly to discard as useless to break down with software system.

Many friends think, data restores is one professional very strong job, need has thorough knowledge to disk structure and file system, have really so mysterious? In the light of a few simple software actually class number is occupied missing, ourselves starts work can solve a problem, can save a large sum of cost not only, and of the computer standard to oneself rising also is a rare opportunity. Small today make up what chat to reply about a few data with everybody to settle way.

Once confront data crisis, it is very important to maintain an unhurried state of mind, the circumstance of occurrence hurry-scurry causes bigger destruction probably, rangbenlaike becomes with restored data cannot rescue. In fact, he rescue the data of 10 thousand yuan of value to be not independently is day of square Tan Tan, should master skill of a few operations only and the method is proper, everybody may act the heroic part that delivers data crisis completely.

Data is missing, suit the remedy to the case

Suit the remedy to the case, what data can be rescued? Data occurrence problem basically includes two kinds big:  of Guo of serve of  of cloth of Tuo of Piao of M  serve miscellaneous Φ act shows hurry predicts  of press and smooth of  of straight partridge Pu to show  of Chun Tuo cloth shows  of plinth H press and smooth shows the word invades Mu of  of press and smooth of pole ü  to wring  of  of Ru of Dang of  of the Xing that irrigate  standing tall and upright

Software kind the characteristic of breakdown is: Zhuang of argon of  of ń of a kind of sedge provides dinner for ū of a kind of sedge of  of collect of ⑽ of few of ǘ of a kind of sedge of  of collect of low field ⑽ returns Qi  to flinch lens of allow of arsine of garment of ⒙ of А of  of wisdom  of ⒎ of А of  of  of collect of ⑽ of ignoranting  of Ge of τ trade silk ribbon takes J to lead glare press and smooth of fan of rare  Fei
Delete an operation to be with prevailing exemple, the file in protecting existence hard disk right now actually was not enclothed completely, adopt a few specific software methods, can according to advocate guide area, divisional, DBR, FAT, the order that final document substance restores will solve; Also answer of course objective approbatory is, although software class number occupies the skill that restores to have sex of a lot of detail and the experience that express simply hard, but also put in existing software to restore the situation with helpless technology really. If the data in hard disk is enclothed completely,perhaps be enclothed by the part for many times, use any software probably also cannot repair.
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